Tech Tip: Tesla Model 3 and Y Diagnostic Connector for Autel Ultra

Oct. 11, 2023
Scott Brown talks about Autel's new connector for Tesla models 3 and Y vehicles.

In this Tech Tip video, Scott Brown, contributing editor for Motor Age, talks about a new Autel connector for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, which enables the Autel tools to talk to the Chassis CAN Bus. Scott also covers how Tesla offers service information that technicians can sign up for at no charge, enabling them to use the Tesla wiring diagrams and also learn how to use Tesla’s connector charts so that they can tap into earlier vehicles with the use of an OBDII Breakout box.

Note that these cables fit the later Tesla Model 3/Y, which allow for a direct connection to the vehicle with the Maxisys Ultra. Among other benefits, this enables technicians to run scanning on supported modules, review live data, and learn more about the Tesla Model 3/Y vehicles.

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