Case Study: Autel ADAS Equipment Coverage Takes Repair Shop from 10 Calibrations a Month to Over 10 a Day

March 26, 2024

Many auto repair shops opt to sublet or outsource advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) calibrations due to the necessity for new equipment, technology, and processes. However, those shops that continue to outsource ADAS sensor calibrations are overlooking significant revenue opportunity potential for in-house ADAS calibration. 


This case study chronicles Fuller's Collision Center in Massachusetts as they transitioned to conducting ADAS calibrations in-house with support from Autel's ADAS experts. Mike Ambrosino, ADAS calibration and diagnostics director at Fuller's, noted an increasing number of vehicles requiring ADAS calibration at his shop, making it progressively challenging to schedule these calibrations.


Technicians faced difficulties in maintaining cycle times and ensuring proper calibration of vehicles. In early 2021, Fuller's acquired its first Autel ADAS Calibration Frame and began utilizing it for all in-house ADAS calibrations, leading to a brand new ADAS calibration revenue flow. Consequently, Fuller's Collision Center witnessed a surge from approximately 10 calibrations a month to over 10 ADAS calibrations per day, leading to the transformation of its in-house calibration operation into a standalone calibration services facility. 


This case study explores how bringing ADAS calibrations in-house is imperative for ensuring safe, comprehensive repairs for today's vehicle lineup. Autel experts further elaborate on how shops can significantly enhance revenue and community impact through the implementation of ADAS equipment and processes.