Product Guide

This extensive guide provides product information and details for tools, equipment and parts used by automotive technicians, aftermarket shops and fleet service providers.


Air Conditioning (A/C) Repair Service
Air Tools
Axles, Chassis & Frames
Body Shop and Repair
Brake Service and Tools
Compressed Air Systems
Computers and Software
Diagnostic Test Equipment
Electrical System Tools & Equipment
Engine Service and Repair Tools
Engine Service and Repair Tools
Emissions & Fuel Efficiency
Fluid Exchange & Flushing Equipment
Fuels and Fueling Systems
Hand Tools
Inspection Tools and Scopes
Jacks, Stands and Hoists
Leak Detection
Lifts and Lifting Equipment
Oil and Lube Equipment
Painting Supplies and Equipment
Power Tools
PTEN Innovation Awards
Repair Information Sources
Safety Equipment and Personal Gear
Shop Equipment
Specialty Tools
Suspension and Steering Service Tools
Tire and Wheel Service
Tool Accessories
Tool Storage
Top 100 Most Wanted Products
Trailers and Trailer Equipment
Truck and Truck Body OEMs
Vehicle Safety Technologies and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Welding Equipment
Work Truck Accessories