Service Done Right #27: Enhance Your Ride Quality: Step-by-Step Installation of Duralast Loaded Struts and Shocks

April 2, 2024
Today, Richard Morgan walks us through the correct installation of the Duralast Loaded Struts on a 2010 Ford F-150. Morgan’s step-by-step instructions will help you avoid making any mistakes and ensure the struts and shocks are properly and safely in place.

After tens of thousands of miles, your shocks may begin leaking, resulting in a feeling of instability and increasing wear on your tires. The Duralast Loaded Struts will not only bring your vehicle back to the correct height, but they will also restore the quality of your ride, keeping you stable and comfortable. In addition to demonstrating the proper installation procedure, Morgan shows helpful tips on how to make your next repair easier and how to ensure your install is successful.

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