Use Aftermarket Parts to Your Business Advantage

April 9, 2024
What to look for in an aftermarket part

All shops know that, while O.E. is ideal, using aftermarket parts can be advantageous to your price point, profit and customer satisfaction… but only if you choose wisely. Wholesale parts specialist Nicole Newman shares her experience and observations about aftermarket parts selection.

“In my 20 years in the wholesale business, I’ve seen and heard a lot of cautionary tales about aftermarket parts. But there are aftermarket parts companies that engineer and build with quality and operate with ethics and the best interest of the customer and end user top of mind.”

Here are Newman’s tips on what to look for (and what to look out for) in the world of aftermarket parts. 

O.E. backing
“Aftermarket parts that are built to O.E. specifications and tested to O.E. standards certainly get a thumbs up in the aftermarket part selection process,” said Newman. “That O.E. backing points to some quality marks for the parts themselves, including proper fit, even in all- or most-makes applications. So, functionality with other connected or affected parts are all part of the design.” Because O.E. backing goes hand-in-hand with quality engineering, things like thread alignment, bolt-hole placement and plug-in connections are already in place right out of the box. That can mean lower install times, fewer comebacks and higher customer review ratings. 

Warranty coverage
Although there are few things in business that are “risk-free,” parts warranties, and especially part warranties that cover failed parts and your shop's labor costs, are a big win for mitigating risk on an aftermarket parts selection. Newman advises, “When shopping for aftermarket parts, always take a good look at the warranty, which should be posted on the part manufacturer’s website. Examine the warranty details prior to making a purchase.” 

Ordering support
“An aftermarket brand is invested in your business and will provide support services that help your business succeed,” said Newman. That includes cross-brand coverage and cross-reference on interchangeable parts. They’ll also work behind the scenes with data and promotions to make ordering easier. Look for support data and programs like buyers guides, application guides, promotions, rewards and high-quality catalog parts data that is based on industry standards, so you can specify and receive the parts you want. And an easy-to-use online parts catalog that brings it all together to make your job easier.

“When an aftermarket brand has a vision for the changing landscape of vehicle technology, that’s a strong indicator that they are in it for the long haul,” says Newman. When choosing an aftermarket parts company, look for products that enhance safety, compliance and long-term reliability. The benefits ultimately lead to more satisfied customers, a stronger reputation and a more diverse customer base.

bproauto® parts is a rising star in the aftermarket world,” says Newman. bproauto parts are produced and backed by an O.E. manufacturer, so they are developed and tested to ensure they meet the same fit, form and function tests as O.E. parts, they fit most makes and models and provide the parts data and support businesses need to stock the right aftermarket parts.

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