Photo courtesy of Kayla Nadler
Welcome to the SEMA Show!

Photo Gallery: Some of what you may have missed at the SEMA Show

Here's a sample of the vehicles and booths that caught our eye at the 2023 SEMA Show.

Podcast: From HVAC to thermal system management, opportunities and challenges- RR 845

Join us as we discuss some new products and challenges as well as some opportunities the automotive industry faces with climate control, thermal management and the newer EPA regulations...

Protecting Gross Profit: The Emotional Intelligence Approach- Episode RR 841

The importance of balancing empathy with financial responsibility in the automotive industry.

Podcast: Technology Horizon, Do You See It?- Episode RR838

In this episode of Remarkable Results Radio, shop owner Tomi Oliva speaks on the ‘willingness to train,' a common challenge in the industry.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #290: Latest EV news with Automoblog chief editor, Carl Anthony

April 13, 2023
Greetings, fellow earthlings! We are bringing you the latest EV news for the year 2023!First up, we have the big players in the automotive industry going head-to-head in the EV...

Podcast: From 'Luscious Garage' to 'Earthling Automotive': A rebranding journey-Episode RR837

In this episode of Remarkable Results Radio, Carolynn Coquillette, founder of Luscious Garage and CEO of Shop-Ware, discusses rebranding her automotive repair shop business to...

Podcast Playlist: March 2023

March 7, 2023
Find your favorite headphones or a speaker, and check out this month's podcast playlist to find out what's new in the auto industry.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #285: Taking the mystery out of fluid flushes

Feb. 20, 2023
In this episode, Frank discusses how to develop a service game plan for consumers. Specifically, targeting fluid flushes.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #284: Why you utterly hate dealing with vehicle servicing-Tips on how to turn this around

Feb. 20, 2023
In this episode, Frank discusses some tips for consumers on how to prevent feeling taken advantage of by the shop servicing their vehicles.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #283: Largest car show on the greens, raising funds for PCH

Feb. 2, 2023
In this episode, Frank speaks with Peter Volny, the founder of the car show 'Concours in the Hills.' To date, has raised over $1M for Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Podcast Playlist: February 2023

Feb. 1, 2023
Avoid the winter chill and stay in with this month's podcast playlist, covering topics like tackling the ASE tests, what it's like for a woman in this industry, advice for new...

Podcast: Remarkable Results Radio #817- Profit does not equal 'cash in the bank'

In this episode of Remarkable Results Radio, Carm is with Hunt Demarest, and they discuss his inside view on common new client questions and concerns they may have.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #282: Connected, autonomous, shared mobility, electrification and sustainability, ZF North America

Jan. 26, 2023
Frank and Ben Smith, vice president of ZF North America talk about the fascinating technologies of today and ZF's available training for them.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #281: ChatGPT, pros and cons for the automotive industry

Jan. 18, 2023
ChatGPT has its UPs and it share of DOWNS. but is in a state of constant refinement. What can it do for you and your shop?