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Welcome to the SEMA Show!

Photo Gallery: Some of what you may have missed at the SEMA Show

Here's a sample of the vehicles and booths that caught our eye at the 2023 SEMA Show.
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Collision Repair

How the elite compete

Oct. 6, 2023
Collision centers will need to change the way they operate as they focus on the OEM-certified business model and move away from the insurance direct repair program (DRP) model...
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Collision Repair

Employ novel strategies to hire collision repair employees

July 7, 2023
Finding employees is not an easy feat, and the strategies of yesterday will not work today.
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Collision Repair

Harness the chaos of parts management

June 1, 2023
Review your ordering processes to bring some stability to your parts program.
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Dave's Auto Body Outside Of Shop
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Motor Age Training

Shop Talk: Preparing for BEV and Hybrid Vehicle Service

March 27, 2023
In this video, Scott Brown, technical editor for PTEN, walks through some of the key considerations in working on BEVs.
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Ben Nemtin At Vision2023
Service Repair

VISION general session keynote: Going from 'impossible to possible'

Ben Nemtin's rise to prominence began with a list of impossible tasks. He believes you can do the same.
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Competing with consolidators and changing MSO business models

Feb. 2, 2023
How do you adjust your business model and strategy?
Collision Repair

Your checkbook is balanced, but how are your KPIs?

Jan. 23, 2023
Some small businesses have survived on a checkbook operational analysis basis. But for a complete understanding of your business for long-term growth or sustainability, we must...

Podcast: Remarkable Results Radio #816- Finding technicians, Part 2

In this episode of Remarkable Results Radio, Carm continues his conversation with Chris Lawson about finding the right technician on Indeed or Facebook

5 reasons why MSO shops need OEM certifications

Dec. 13, 2022
There are a few hallmarks of a reliable MSO, but the best way to demonstrate your worth is by becoming a certified auto repair shop.
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Collision Repair

How to break through a plateau

Dec. 8, 2022
When you notice your body shop slowing down, it can be a good time to go through the details of how you run your business.
Many owners have leaped into a second auto body shop only to discover they didn’t have processes and systems they could duplicate.
Collision Repair

10 tips before you buy your second auto body shop

Dec. 1, 2022
Many owners have leaped into a second auto body shop only to discover they didn’t have processes and systems they could duplicate.

Podcast: Wrench Nation #276: Rockabilly culture & pinstriping: Von Hot Rod

A legend within the automotive community, with years of hot rodding running through his veins – Von Hot Rod Valdez can be found at car shows across the country with his distinctive...