Are You Sure You're Not Doing ADAS Work?

May 14, 2021
ADAS - a suite of safety systems that will save lives and reduce injuries. That is, if they work properly. Did you know that many of the routine services you perform can impact how these systems function?

ADAS is a suite of advanced driver assist systems and they are becoming more and more a part of the vehicle repair landscape. Consider that at least 10 OEMs, for example, have equipped all their new models with low-speed automatic emergency braking systems - nearly three years ahead of the voluntary agreement between the OEMs and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make these systems standard equipment. There is no doubt that these systems will do much to save lives and reduce injuries in accidents related to driver inattention. But only if they are working properly.

Which means it falls on you – the shop owner and technician - to know if the repair or service you are performing will impact the function of any of these systems.

Learn how you can do just that in this episode of “Quick Chat”!