Tool Review: Knipex CutiX Universal Snap Knife

Oct. 10, 2022
Reviewed by John Baumgardt III, owner of Baumgardt’s Auto Repair in Fillmore, Ind.
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Q: How did the tool/equipment function as far as saving you time? 

A: The blades that came in the knife seemed to be stronger and sharper than other blades of the same type allowing them to last longer and require stopping less. 

Q: How has using this tool impacted your shop’s profitability? 

A: As usual, time is money, and anything that saves time creates the opportunity to be able to move on to the next job. 

Q: How was its packaging? Did it come with any accessories? 

A: It came packaged in the typical clear form-fitted plastic that oddly enough makes you wish you had the knife to cut it open. The knife comes with two extra blades that are stored in the removable rear portion of the knife. 

Q: Was there a manual included? 

A: No manual included, just the features printed on the paper insert that surrounds the knife. 

Q: What features did you like? 

A: The magnesium casing of the knife was easy to grip with wet, dry, or oily hands. The tether hole is nice for when you’re working up high and want to make sure you don’t drop it. Blade changes are easy, and it comes with a place to keep a couple of extra blades onboard – this is a great feature. I was impressed with the quality of blades that came with it. The blade support is an awesome feature. It serves three purposes in my mind. 

  1. Reduces flex in the blade making it easier to make straighter cuts in materials like styrofoam. 
  2. Helps prevent unwanted blade breakage when using the blade at an extended length. 
  3. Makes it possible to place added pressure on the top of the blade for when you’re trying to squeeze that last cut out of a section of the blade before having to snap it off. 

Q: Is there any way you could think to improve or add to this tool? 

A: It’s a small thing, but it would be nice if there was a way to snap the dull portion of the blade without having to have another tool. I usually have something with me anyway though. 

Q: What types of jobs did you use this tool for? 

A: I used it to break down a ton of boxes. It slices through cardboard like a ninja sword. I used it to trim back some damaged portions of plastic inner fenders. I cut a 3” wide industrial rubber belt that was 3/4” thick into pieces to make small engine mounts for a project I’m working on.

I used it to cut up some old carpet, sliced through a bunch of scrap 2” styrofoam insulation, and cut through a bunch of twine, paracord, nylon rope, and several other types of material including leather. The knife worked great and cut everything I threw at it. I even used it to cut steak – raw and cooked. Cut like a dream. 

Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you’ve used like it?  

A: I have used a lot of different knives of this type. It is similar to most of them with the exception of the extra blade storage and the blade support. 

Q: Is there anything you had questions or concerns about in regard to the tool? 

A: I think the tool performed great. I am interested in learning more about the blades that came in it. Where can I get them, and how much are they? 

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why? 

A: I’d rate it a very solid nine. It has a lot of great features, but it is missing a way to break the blade, which is a feature almost every other knife of this type has. 

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