Tool Review: KNIPEX TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers

Dec. 9, 2021
Reviewed by Rich Falco, technical instructor for Carquest Technical Institute in Palmetto, Florida.
Knipex Twin Grip Pliers

Q: How did the tool function as far as saving you time?  

A: These pliers were great at multiple angles and openings. They were good for many jobs that I would normally use several different pliers for so it saved me some time by not having to go back to my toolbox.    

Q: What features did you like?  

A: They are very good at grabbing from the side like typical pliers but also head-on. I was very surprised by how well it grabs at that angle.  

Q: What types of repairs did you use this tool for?   

A: I am currently restoring a 1974 Honda ST90 motorcycle. There has been 47 years of rust and abuse to this little bike and as soon as I got these KNIPEX pliers I knew this would be the ideal torture test for them. They worked very well on just about every nut, bolt, spring, clip, and rusted cotter pin I tried to grab with them.  

Q: Have you used a previous version of this tool?  

A: I have been a fan of the KNIPEX brand pliers since I got my first set in the ‘90s. I own their wire cutters and pliers. These were a bit smaller than the other pliers I own, but I found they worked great on smaller components.  

Q: Is there anything you had questions or concerns about in regard to the tool?   

A: Right out of the box, I thought they felt a little flimsy and I was concerned that I was going to have to write a bad review on one of my favorite brands. This was my first set of this style adjustable type pliers, and I was worried the small button and mechanism would not hold up. I’m happy to report they held up very well, even while trying to do a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have with these small pliers.   

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why?  

A: I give them a 10. They are a great addition to my toolbox.  

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