Top 10 diagnostic products: Q1 2023

April 4, 2023
Is your shop looking to upgrade its diagnostic tools and equipment? Check out the most clicked-on diagnostic tools on from the first quarter.

It's hard to believe we're already through the first quarter of this year. Time seems to be flying by, but don't let that stop you from taking a minute to slow down and check out some of the most clicked-on diagnostic tools and updates added to for Q1. 

 Also, if you’re looking at scan tools specifically in your hunt for new diagnostic equipment, be sure to check out PTEN’s 2022 Scan Tool Spec Guide for a comparative list of functions and features for a large selection of aftermarket scan tools.

10. Pro MX-700T Smoke Monster Leak Locator

The Proflex+ Pro MX-700T Smoke Monster Leak Locator is a two-in-one machine for EVAP and turbo, or for needing higher air pressure.

9. Maximus TPMS 3.0 Diagnostic Tool, No. MDMAXTPMS3G

The Matco Tools Maximus TPMS 3.0 Diagnostic Tool, No. MDMAXTPMS3G, provides functions like suspension diagnostics, fuel economy, oil life, and more.

8. X600 Pro-PCI Fully Rugged Notebook

The X600 Pro-PCI Fully Rugged Notebook from Getac Technology Corporation builds on the company's X600 Fully Rugged Mobile Workstation to give users more functionality in a single, compact device.

7. Black Series Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector, No. 55600

The Mastercool Black Series Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector, No. 55600, uses an infrared sensor to effectively identify halogenated gases.

6. Q4 2022 Software Release

The ATEQ Q4 2022 Software Release includes new vehicle model coverage, updated OE sensor information, increased TPMS coverage for aftermarket sensor brands, and new aftermarket TPMS sensor brands. 

5. Giotto Version 21.0

The AutoEnginuity Giotto Version 21.0 for the Windows platform offers enhanced 23MY coverage and improved general support.

4. OBD-II Scan Tools and Dongles Software Update

The Innova Electronics OBD-II Scan Tools and Dongles Software Update includes coverage and support for vehicles through model year 2022, added functionality, and enhanced RepairSolutions2 app features.

3. TopScan

The TOPDON TopScan is a pocket-sized tool designed to turn any smartphone into a professional-grade scanner.

2. TXT Multihub

The TEXA TXT Multihub is a VCI designed to easily adapt to any vehicle connection in the shop or in the field.

1. ONE Edge Pro

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro wirelessly connects to a smart device to easily inspect targets that are out of reach or out of view, or it can clip onto a phone or tablet for one-handed operation.

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