Top 10 products of May 2024

June 6, 2024
Check out the most viewed products uploaded to in May 2024.

Here are the top 10 products added to in the month of May. See what other technicians, distributors, and shop owners are interested in!

WinAlign 18 Vehicle Information Database Update from Hunter Engineering adds over 550 new records to the software, covering the records that weren't yet in existence during the previous release and providing more than 1,000 updates to existing ones based on OEM changes.

Evergrade Cordless Sander Kit, available with a 3/16" offset (No. EVK-316K) or with a 3/32" offset (No. EVK-332K), offers the power of a pneumatic sander without the need for a power or air line.

Flare Nut Sockets Sets, available in a 10-piece metric set (No. D010028) and a 7-piece SAE set (No. D010029), from Dynamic Tools are ideal for hydraulic, fuel, air, and brake line applications.

STAHLWILLE FastRatch Set, No. 96411005, is a set of five ratchet spanners made from tempered stainless steel.

Brake Thickness Gauge, No. 411-03218, from Ascot Supply, offers technicians a quick and easy way to determine the remaining thickness of a vehicle's brake pads without having to remove any of the wheel components, making it ideal for quick inspections and checks.

X-431 Throttle V from Launch Tech USA is designed to deliver a combination of automotive intelligence, quick navigation, and ergonomic handling for optimal efficiency.

BearTrap 360 from Streamlight is a multi-function, rechargeable work light that features both a 360-degree horizontally rotating and a 270-degree vertically pivoting body.

Matco Tools 8-pc 1/4" Drive Stubby Universal Triple Square Bit Socket Set, No. SAUQSM8, utilizes a stubby universal joint design and 1.5" overall length for each bit to allow them to easily navigate awkward work areas and fit in tight spaces in dashboards, door panels, and trims.

Bi-Directional Pneumatic Air Hammer/Puller, No. LT955AH, from Milton Industries, offers up to 3,000 blows per minute.

3-pc Strikable Prying Screwdriver Set, Nos. SDPD3R, SDPD3G, and SDPD3O, from Mac Tools are designed for use on brake calipers, wheel caps, drive shafts, and drum brakes for precise and effective work in maintenance and repair.

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