Most Wanted Tools: June 2023

June 28, 2023
The TC001, Extended Back Probe Spoons, and GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station are some of this month's most popular tools and equipment among auto repair techs.

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The following products are among the most requested tools and equipment from recent issues of Professional Distributor's sister publication, PTEN. Perhaps you've already received requests about some of these items. Take a closer look at stocking them on your tool truck.

X-431 Torque V

The Launch Tech X-431 Torque V is an advanced intelligent vehicle diagnostic device developed based on the Android 10.0 system. 


The TOPDON TC001 is a portable camera that turns an Android smartphone/tablet or Windows laptop into an infrared (IR) thermal imager. Simply download the accompanying app and plug the TC001 in the device’s USB-C port. 

120XP Locking Flex Head Ratchet

The GEARWRENCH 120XP Locking Flex Head Ratchet is designed to access hard-to-reach fasteners. The locking flex head allows for nine locked and unlocked positions for adjustable angled access that provides the ideal balance of use.

10" WIDEAZZ Adjustable Wrench, No. 10WCB

The Channellock 10" WIDEAZZ Adjustable Wrench, No. 10WCB, features a wide 2" jaw opening to support large sized nuts and bolts. The combination of a smart and comfortable tapered handle design with Code Blue grips, a four-thread knurl, and minimal head width improves performance in confined spaces. 

Extended Back Probe Spoons, No. 914X

The Thexton Extended Back Probe Spoons, No. 914X, are designed to access electrical circuits from the rear of the connector to prevent piercing wires and possibly damaging the circuit.

LED Penlight, No. 904 980

The Mueller-Kueps LED Penlight, No. 904 980, features a 3x zoom lens for wide or narrow beams. With a 40m beam spread and ability to emit up 260 lm, the penlight is ideal for under the hood or under the vehicle applications. 

350+LM Firepoint X Li-ion Duo-Light, No. W2677

The Performance Tool 350+LM Firepoint X Li-ion Duo-Light, No. W2677, features a heavy duty design with improved thermal efficiency. The duo-light includes a side-emitting worklight for a wide flood beam of light. 

BMW/MINI Timing Chain Tool Kit - N12, N14, and N16, No. 3770

The CTA Manufacturing BMW/MINI Timing Chain Tool Kit - N12, N14, and N16, No. 3770, features specialty tools required to perform timing service and repair, including camshaft locking blocks, flywheel locking pin, timing chain tension block, and upper chain tension locks. 

Stretch Belt Installer for Double Pulleys, No. 59350

The Lisle Corporation Stretch Belt Installer for Double Pulleys, No. 59350, is designed to install the main stretch belt on extra-deep double pulleys. Works on 2011 and newer Ford 3.5L EcoBoost and 3.7L engines, as well as 2019 and newer GM 5.3L and 6.2L engines.

GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station, No. DF-GM/DXE

The Dent Fix Equipment GLUEMAX Glue Repair Station, No. DF-GM/DXE, is a pulling station equipped with both cold and hot glue pulling options to repair damage in automotive steel and aluminum panels while preserving OEM coatings and interior integrity.

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