Most Wanted Tools: May 2023

May 26, 2023
The Clamp Probe Set, High Flow Air Blow Gun, and Hub Seal Puller Set are some of this month's most popular tools and equipment among auto repair techs.

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The following products are among the most requested tools and equipment from recent issues of Professional Distributor's sister publication, PTEN. Perhaps you've already received requests about some of these items. Take a closer look at stocking them on your tool truck.

Clamp Probe Set, No. 21200

The Tool Aid Clamp Probe Set, No. 21200, was originally designed to allow a lone technician to test for voltage drop on top battery posts, but its handsfree operation is a useful diagnostic tool when a third hand is needed.

135MAX Heavy Duty Air Hammer

The Ingersoll Rand 135MAX Heavy Duty Air Hammer is designed for vehicle, truck, bus, and heavy machinery repair. Weighing in at 4.5 lbs, the 135MAX HD Air Hammer delivers 2,600 bpm, with a 3” piston stroke. 

High Flow Air Blow Gun, No. 19393

The Titan Professional Tools High Flow Air Blow Gun, No. 19393, is designed with 3/8" air intake thread. When used with thread sealant tape, this high-volume air gun allows for greater air flow and higher psi, with adjustable pressure between 25 to 230 psi.

HD Diesel 1600A Jump Starter / Jump Box, No. SP61073

The SP Tools USA HD Diesel 1600A Jump Starter / Jump Box, No. SP61073, is a compact, high-density jump starter that can supply a lot of power in a short time to start both 12V gas or diesel engines up to 10 liters in capacity. 

Hub Seal Puller Set, No. 5085-S

The OTC Hub Seal Puller Set, No. 5085-S, is designed to eliminate bearing and hub damage that can occur when a punch and hammer is used to remove the seal.

16-pc 5-pt EPR Torx Socket Set, No. 1220

The CTA Manufacturing 16-pc 5-pt EPR Torx Socket Set, No. 1220, includes five-sided Torx Plus profile sockets, from 6EPR to 32EPR.

Pistol Grip Wire Inserter, No. 83550

The Lisle Corporation Pistol Grip Wire Inserter, No. 83550, is designed for easy insertion of metal or fiber cutting wire through polyurethane.

2-pc Internal/External Retaining Ring Pliers Set, No. 1487

The Lang Tools 2-pc Internal/External Retaining Ring Pliers Set, No. 1487, features a spring ratchet locking mechanism that securely holds against snap ring tension, a thumb release allowing for smooth and controlled tension release, and a cushion grip for comfort.

13-pc Star Bit Socket Set, No. 22977

The OEMTOOLS 13-pc Star Bit Socket Set, No. 22977, comes in many sizes, including (1/4” drive) T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, (3/8” drive) T40, T45, T47, T50, T55, and (1/2” drive) T60. 

Electric Vehicle Service Tool Kit, No. ITS-12B-AES

The Cementex Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit, No. ITS-12B-AES, is an ideal base of insulated tools for use with hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as troubleshooting and repair to EV charging stations.

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