In Focus: VIM Tools Magrail TL

Feb. 11, 2010
Customizable magnetic rail with moveable pegs.

Magrail TL from VIM Tools is a magnetic rail with moveable pegs that the user can set up however they desire. Super-strong neodymium magnets hold sockets to the rail and also allow the complete rail, loaded with sockets, to be attached to any metal surface; even works through drawer liners.


• Tools are easily removed with a slight tilt and lift.
• Full magnetism on the back, tools can be attached to any metal surface, even over drawer liners.
• Magrails organize tools and save space in toolbox drawers.
• Customize with interchangeable socket pegs, each peg is mounted on a threaded stud and can be adjusted to user’s preference and drive size.
• Low-profile anodized aluminum base, 3/16” tall by 1” wide, only adds 3/16” to the height of sockets.
• Will not magnetize tools.


This item came from an Aircraft mechanic that was working at Chicago O’Hare airport. He had to carry his tools in a small tote box and was very proud of the fact that he had 265 tools in the box and that everything could easily be accounted for before he left the aircraft. He needed organization, and quick removal and return of tools to their storage locations.
The distributor will have a high quality, no maintenance and low warranty item that will sell itself when it gets into the field. Sell a few in a dealership and the next week others will be asking for it.


The base of the Magrails is extruded aluminum that features three slots. The outer slots have a dovetail shape that holds neodymium magnets. Magnets are alternated North and South opposite each other and end to end so tools will not get magnetized. The center slot is a “T” slot like on a machine base, it holds aluminum threaded “T” studs that the socket pegs thread onto. Currently available in 8”, 12” and 16” Magrail lengths. Made in Asia.


• Tote and promote, let techs see the item and feel the magnetic strength.
• Open a Magrail and load with tools for demo.
• Ask to see customers socket drawer, and place the demo Magrail inside, or to the inside lid or tool cart.
• Show literature and DVD, let them know that they can be used to organize all tools.


$2 per inch, so a 12” Magrail will list at $24.


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