Tech Tip: Never weld, drill, or modify a tool for any other purpose

While modifying a tool takes ingenuity and creativeness, there are several reasons it should not be done.

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As a tool manufacturer, we see a lot of examples of users trying to modify a tool. While this certainly takes ingenuity and creativeness, there are several things wrong with modifying a tool. One, the tool was not designed to do whatever it is that you are trying to make it do. Second, as a manufacturer, we can’t warranty the tool if it is modified in any way, shape or form. Lastly, and most importantly, there is a safety element to modifying a tool. When a tool is modified the integrity of the tool could be comprised, putting you and others around you at risk of being injured. The original tool is designed for a specific purpose. Manufacturers likely won’t be liable for anything that happens when a tool is modified or altered. 

Information provided by KNIPEX Tools LP

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