MACS honors Four Seasons, ATS and AirSept for top new products

Jan. 21, 2014
MACS names top products in three categories.

The 2014 Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Training Event and Trade Show at the Sheraton New Orleans featured a new products showcase with 18 new mobile A/C and engine-cooling products on display. A panel of the motor press attending the show judged the following products as stand-outs in three categories:

Most innovative new product: The Deslugger by Four Seasons. The Deslugger is a compressor clutch timer that is designed to help prevent slugging in low mounted compressors after the vehicle has been sitting idle for over 30 minutes or longer. Upon the next start up, The Deslugger is designed to gradually push oil or liquid refrigerant out of the compressor before it fully engages, relieving the possibility of a catastrophic system failure. The Deslugger is not a fix for damaged units. Part numbers include #36140 for global applications, #36141 General Motors, and #36142 Chrysler/Dodge.

Best use of technology in a new product: Bullseye Leak Detector by Automotive Test Solutions. The Bullseye Leak Detector: 1) Analyzes pressure stability to determine if a leak is present and its size; 2) Finds the area of the leak; 3)Seeking Foam changes color to pinpoint the leak.

Bullseye Leak Detector finds leaks in a number of systems including; EVAP systems, A/C systems, engine cooling systems, head gaskets, tires and wheels, air ride suspensions, and air brakes.

Most service friendly new product: Airsept segmented cabin air filter. Airsept has created a cabin air filter that bends as it is installed. The filter bends like an overhead garage door, only upside down. Bending allows insertion without damaging the filter.

Airsept created this cabin air filter for GM full-size pick-up trucks and SUVs built from 2001 to 2012 without factory-installed cabin air filters.

GM designed a space for the filter but left it empty. Part of the reason is that filter access is partially blocked by the slope of the floor where it angles to accommodate the top of the transmission. Airsept’s bendable cabin air filter allows for greater technician access.

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