Honeywell Eyelation Program makes prescription eyewear affordable

Nov. 2, 2012
Automated system features accurate fit technology and virtual try-on

Honeywell Safety Products launched the Honeywell Eyelation program, a solution that makes enterprisewide prescription safety eyewear management easy and affordable. The automated system features onsite, Web-enabled, touchscreen kiosks that allow end-users 24/7 access for fitting, selecting and ordering prescription safety eyewear. 

"The Honeywell Eyelation program is ideal for companies of every size. Now it's easy to provide employees with the prescription safety eyewear that delivers the performance, style, fit and comfort they require," said Dan Birch, senior product manager for Rx Products, Honeywell Safety Products. "Safety and HR managers enjoy the benefits of an automated system and the confidence that their workers are wearing the approved safety eyewear for the application, with their current prescription, for the greatest protection."

To begin using the Honeywell Eyelation program, end-users log on, then apply a "fitting pad," a one-time use adhesive strip, to the forehead. A built-in camera photographs the employee, and proprietary software uses markings on the pad to create exact measurements of the employee's face and displays the image onscreen. The fitting system measures with ten times the industry standard for accuracy, ensuring superior product fit and reducing product returns. Once measured, revolutionary virtual try-on technology enables employees to try on all the frames that meet their individual workplace requirements. The virtual try-on feature allows the employee to see the frames selected. Traditional methods require employees to remove their prescription eyewear, thus making it difficult to see their image.

Once a selection is made, the employee scans his or her prescription and purchases the frames. The Honeywell Eyelation program fulfills the order and the employee receives the new eyewear at work in approximately one to two weeks. The employee's image and measurements are stored in the Web-based system and can be used for future orders, even from the comfort of home. From start to finish the process takes, on average, seven minutes to complete – a significant convenience for workers who were previously required to visit an optician either offsite or onsite during a different shift.

The Honeywell Eyelation program creates sizable efficiencies for benefits managers, as well. It eliminates the need to schedule optical exams for every employee, and because the benefit is managed electronically, purchases, payroll deductions and employee profile changes are tracked automatically. 

Because the program is software-based, it offers employees the largest available selection of prescription frame options. Employees can choose from more than 65 total styles, including the Uvex brand Rx safety frames.

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