Coast debuts new A-Series LED flashlights at AAPEX

Oct. 25, 2011
Stainless steel line-up delivers advanced technology in a nearly-indestructible case.

Just in time for the AAPEX show, Coast Products has rolled out the new A-Series – six next-generation Professional Use LED flashlights built into stainless steel cases. They are easy to carry, easy to use and easy to clean. But sophisticated design and stylish looks are only the beginning. The new Coast models hold more features than practically any other light available – incorporating a host of new technology released just this summer. Coast’s new patented technology has created lights that are not just brighter, they’re better. 

Anyone who needs a powerful, rugged and dependable work light will appreciate the new A-Series lights. They all include Coast’s proprietary Max Beam optics, delivering maximum light output for any application, at any beam setting. Simply put, Coast lights have a clear, consistent and bright light at every point across the beam, with no dark spots or banding. It’s unparalleled in the category.

With six models, the A-Series offers a perfect solution for every project, a range of features for every person, at very affordable prices. The top-of-the-line A25 produces a stunning 196 lumens of light output with a runtime of close to three hours; but its Quick-Cycle Switch™ system lets the user change to 27 lumens to achieve a battery life of 26 hours. It includes the very latest patented or proprietary features from Coast for those who need or want the very best flashlight technology:

  • Patent-pending Pure Beam Focusing optics produce pure, bright consistency on the tightest spot or widest flood.
  • Proprietary Bulls-Eye Spot beam optics show a clear, bright center and a wide angle "halo" to reveal what’s around your primary target too.
  • Fingertip Speed Focus Control to focus with a finger or thumb.
  • Cyclone Heat Sink System decreases heat buildup, facilitating maximum light output and increasing LED lifespan.

The new A-Series lights take ruggedness to the next level, with a stainless steel case that’s nearly impossible to damage. Notably, they run on standard alkaline batteries – not expensive, hard-to-find lithium power – which saves a lot of money and keeps thousands of batteries out of landfills.

A9 – Big Features in a Small Package

Certain to be a hit with mechanics, the sleek Coast A9 is the flashlight to see at this year’s AAPEX show. Anyone who needs a powerful work flashlight – one that slips easily in a shirt pocket – will immediately see the A9’s value. It’s very lightweight, only 1.6 ounces, and pencil-thin, just 0.37 of an inch in diameter. So it is practically unnoticeable until it’s needed. Almost indestructible, it wipes clean in a second. The powerhouse A9 projects 23 lumens of pure white light in a flood circle that is perfect for thousands of uses, whether it’s under the hood or under a sink. It runs up to 14 hours on three AAAA batteries and projects a beam up to 20 meters, over 65-1/2'. It comes with a tough pocket clip, and the recessed rear switch makes it very easy to use. 

Not Just Brighter – Better

Coast has raised the bar yet again with new product features that no other manufacturer comes close to matching. Even before perfecting the latest optics, which took two years to accomplish, professionals and consumers could see the difference with their naked eyes. That’s why 41% of everyday shoppers in a retail point-of-sale compari­son picked Coast flashlights compared to the next three most popular brands, almost double the number who picked their nearest com­petitor (Riley Research Associates, 2010).

"Like all our new LED lights, the A-Series has vastly improved light output and optical quality," said Coast president David Brands. "They have been professionally designed and are built to rigorous standards with the best components available." Although you may pay a little more for a quality light, Brands said, the investment is paid back many times over because Coast lights last so long and use far fewer batteries. "Everybody should own one or more quality LED flashlights that they are certain they can depend on."

The Coast Red Ring of Quality

Coast professional flashlights feature a distinctive, red-metal band. It is assurance that buyers are getting the best LED light available – one that’s built with quality, and tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards by an independent laboratory. And every product Coast manufacturers is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Coast Products – A History of Innovation

Over the past decade Coast has skyrocketed from zero market share to a market leader in premium LED flash­lights by developing innovative products trusted by everyone from the weekend warrior to the Navy Seals and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coast’s technologically advanced products are safer and easier to use, while at the same time being extremely functional and enjoyable to own. Just some of the breakthroughs that Coast has pioneered include LED fixed-beam optics, LED multiple-color technology, LED focusing flashlights and head­lamps, LED multicolor and multimode emergency area lights and a hand-held LED flashlight that exceeds 1000 lumens.

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