Top 10 Tools: Jeff Buckley, My Father’s Shop

Dec. 14, 2018
This Texas-based ASE Certified Master tech and shop owner shares his top 10 tools.

Owner and Master Technician: Jeff Buckley

Shop Name: My Father’s Shop Certified Automotive Repair

Location: Midlothian, Texas

Jeff Buckley is an ASE Certified Master Technician and owner of My Father’s Shop Certified Automotive Repair. Buckley has been in the automotive industry for 35 years, and has been running his shop in the same location for the past 25 years. A cornerstone of Buckley’s business is educating the consumer in easy to understand terms. “My favorite part of the job is doing car care tips, trying to educate people and share some ideas for shops that are unable to do the video stuff,” he says. “I don’t do ‘How to’ videos. I try to educate people on areas of their vehicle that need to be maintained, new technology, so that people understand more about their car, and understand a bit more about what the shop’s telling them.”

Editor’s Note: Jeff Buckley works with ATEQ TPMS and Redline Detection to produce videos and promotional materials.


“This tool makes it quick and easy to check or reprogram TPMS sensors,” Buckley says. The VT56 offers a Wi-Fi connection to transfer job data to a PC, which allows Buckley to show a data printout to the customer for transparency in repairs.

2. GreatLite Professional Rechargeable Flashlight, No. 32827

This light has an anodized aluminum lightweight housing and offers a 500 lm ouput. Buckley appreciates that this light is small, portable and can illuminate whatever he needs to look at. “Personally, I can’t get by without [this] light,” he says.

3. Mitchell 1 Teamworks

Mitchell 1 Teamworks is a bundle package that includes Manager SE and ProDemand. “I don’t know how a modern shop in today’s society could get by without having a computer with the customer’s information,” he says. “And this package also gives you access to ProDemand, which is all of the current, up-to-date information you need to be able to properly diagnose and repair vehicles.”

4. Redline Detection Dual Purpose Leak Locator

This leak locator is designed to diagnose all leaks, including low pressure for traditional EVAP/general repair and variable high pressure for turbo, diesel and heavy duty testing. Buckley appreciates that he is able to use this unit on all leaks, without the need for two separate systems.

5. Mac Tools 2" Comfort-Grip Pocket Slotted Screwdriver, No. PN2B

This screwdriver features a four-sided lobular design with textured grip for improved comfort and torque. Buckley says he uses this tool for working on small interior connectors, and pressing tabs to release connections and body clips when taking vehicles apart.

6. DeWalt 20V MAX Lithium Ion 3/8” Impact Wrench

“This is a great cordless tool with plenty of power and plenty of reserve,” Buckley notes. “This tool will go all day, or even a couple of days.”

7. Power Probe 3EZ

This voltmeter is designed to simplify the testing of fuse boxes and verify correct operation of motors, lights, relays and wires. “It’s just a great tool for checking the electrical systems, checking the fuses—it’s the fastest way to go through and test the fuse box,” Buckley says.

8. Nomad Mfg. The Elevator

Buckley appreciates that this over-the-top engine creeper allows him to work over the engine compartment without leaning over the front of vehicles. “It’s a faster way to work on the vehicles, and you’re not worried about breaking the plastic and fiberglass pieces on the front of the vehicle,” Buckley adds, also noting that it is a more comfortable way to work.

9. Redline Detection Easy Intake

Easy Intake is an inflatable block off bladder with a pressurized vapor pass-through that allows techs to test an entire intake or exhaust system. “It goes in so many different shapes, so it’s a quick and easy way to use a smoke machine,” Buckley says.

10. Challenger Lifts Closed Front Drive-On 4-Post Lift

“It’s so quick and easy to just pull a vehicle up on there, raise it up and look underneath it,” Buckley says. “It makes doing oil changes, brake jobs, that type of work, more efficient.”

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