Tool Review: Coast Wide Angle Headlamp

Sept. 15, 2016
This light helps the reviewer focus on the tasks without getting in the way.

The Coast Wide Angle Headlamp, No. FL60, can illuminate large areas with its ultra-wide, consistent circular beam. A conveniently located button on the front of the headlamp allows the user to swiftly change between high, medium and low light outputs. The headlamp, which offers up to 300 lm of light and as much as 22 hours of run-time, comes with a IPX4 weatherproof rating, safety reflective strap and helmet clips. With a hinged beam, this hardhat-compatible light is also impact-resistant, offers a beam distance of up to 95’ (29m) and comes with the company’s lifetime warranty. It is tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards. The 3.3 oz headlamp includes three AAA batteries.The review

Ken Elzinga does a lot of underdash work, and often, there is not much room to use traditional flashlights. So the Wide Angle Headlamp (No. FL60) from Coast provides the owner of Hilltop Auto Service in Byron Center, Mich., a lot of convenience.

“The Coast headlight helps me to focus on the task and doesn’t get in my way,” he says.

“I also use it when I am under a vehicle, lubing the suspension and steering,” Elzinga adds. “Here in Michigan, the grease fittings are often covered with salt and grit. These need to be cleaned before greasing. Having the headlight allows me to direct the light to the fitting so that I have both hands free to clean, and then operate the grease gun.”

What’s more, he uses the FL60 to do brake inspections, noting the bright beam helps him inspect the condition of the brake pad while the wheels are still on. No matter the application, the Coast Wide Angle Headlamp has proven to be a time-saver.

“When I know I am going under a dash or have to see underneath a vehicle, I grab this headlight, so that I don’t have to use my flashlight,” Elzinga says. “This leaves my hands free to do whatever I have to work on.”

After installing the batteries, set-up was complete and Elzinga says the device is very easy to use.

“I like the three-position intensity switch,” Elzinga explains. “I usually use the first setting, but sometimes the other settings are helpful to get just the right amount of light.”

Elzinga says there was nothing not to like about the FL60, adding he had used a previous version of the headlight. He notes the FL60 “is twice as bright, which is really helpful.”

“It has helped me to be more efficient when trying to work in dark spaces and is very bright,” Elzinga says. “It also seems to last a very long time on the batteries. I have not had to replace them yet, and it is still very bright.”

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