Top 10 Tools: Edwin Hazzard, Southeast Mobile Tech

Feb. 4, 2016
This mobile tech names the tools he finds most valuable while on the job.

Owner: Edwin Hazzard

Shop: Southeast Mobile Tech

Location: Goose Creek, S.C. 

Edwin Hazzard has been working on cars for 32 years. An ASE Master Technician, automotive instructor and technical writer for multiple trade publications, he has been a mobile diagnostic tech for 20 years. Hazzard's passion has always been in the automotive industry, repairing and diagnosing automobiles. Hazzard says his goal is to teach, train and help today's technicians repair the vehicles of tomorrow.

1. Snap-on MODIS Ultra multi-function scan tool

Hazzard appreciates this tool's versatility. "It is an extremely fast tool, and the new information that Snap-on adds to this tool with each update makes diagnosing today's vehicles that much easier," he says.

2. GearWrench 10-pc Metric Stubby Combination Wrench Set, No. 9520D

"When you're working in a very tight area and you don't have much room, these stubby wrenches will get into areas that most full-size wrenches won't," Hazzard says. "It also makes tightening fasteners much easier, especially if your fingers are greasy and can't grip that bolt."

3. Drew Technologies CarDAQ-M

Hazzard uses the CarDAQ-M as a pass-through device for J2534 programming as well as an interface for factory scan tools such as GM, Toyota, Volvo, BMW and Honda. "This tool will be expandable for future updates, and it is also the top supported tool for J2534 programming by the OEMs," he says. "Tech support for this tool is second to none."

4. Matco 13-pc 3/8" Bolt Extractor Set, No. MBX13

"If you ever have a bolt that is really rusty or even rounded where a metric or standard socket won't fit, then I use my bolt extractor set and the bolt comes out every time. What a huge time-saver," Hazzard says.

5. Matco Stylus USB Pro pen light, No. M66133

"This small, rechargeable pocket flashlight is so light to carry, and when you need light in a pinch, this thing delivers," Hazzard says. He adds that the light recharges quickly with either a 120V outlet or by plugging in the USB cable to a PC.

6. AESwave LineSPI Smart Bob, No. 08-200

"This tool makes working from and testing the OBD-II connector a cinch," Hazzard says. "No more bending under the dash to test circuits." He adds that everything is done using the test leads that come with a multimeter, which is a "big time-saver."

7. Snap-on Blue-Point Flexible Magnetic Pick-up Tool, No. PT40B

This tool, which is capable of picking up items up to 3 lbs, is something Hazzard uses daily. "If you're like me and you have days where you get the 'dropsies,' then you need this tool," he says. "It's great for picking up bolts, nuts and even wrenches."

8. MityVac Pressure Bleed System, No. MV6840

"This one-man brake bleeding tool is so simple to use and easy to hook up," Hazzard explains, adding jobs are done quickly and easily. "No more having to find someone to pump the brake pedal."

9. Lisle Spill-Free Funnel, No. 24680

"Using this funnel to refill the cooling system makes a potential messy job a piece of cake. No more mess when filling the coolant system," he says. Hazzards notes this tool, which comes with different adapters to fit many types of radiator fill necks, is a must-have.

10. ATS Escan Pro, No. ESN2000

"If you're working on a vehicle with a driveability problem, then this tool will diagnose that vehicle in minutes. The tool is so user friendly and will pinpoint your problem with complete accuracy. It's a generic scan tool that's on steroids," Hazzard says. "This tool can show you mode6 data and deciper what the data pids actually are. This is one of my first-to-grab scan tools."

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