7 common mistakes shops make when recruiting technicians

Oct. 12, 2021
From relying too much on job boards to not including other employees, WrenchWay’s Co-Founder and CEO Mark Wilson shares where shops are falling short when recruiting technicians and tips on how to fix them.

WrenchWay, a software company dedicated to improving the automotive and diesel industries, held a webinar on Oct. 7 where Co-Founder and CEO Mark Wilson presented on “7 mistakes shops make when recruiting technicians”.

The technician shortage “is real” and is only getting worse, Wilson said. One way to help overcome this is to focus on your shops recruiting efforts. In as little as 15 minutes each week and staying proactive, shops can stay ahead of the game.

When it comes to common mistakes when recruiting technicians, here are the top seven as noted by Wilson.

1. Not paying enough

You don’t have to be top, but you should be in the ballpark.

2. Expecting technicians to apply

The time from when an applicant is aware of the job opening to the time when they apply is longer than you, or your hiring manager, may think. This “consideration stage” is when individuals look around at other job postings and see what other shops have to offer. “The more information you put out there, the more applicants,” Wilson said. Information to consider may include compensation, photos of work area and equipment, FAQs on work environment and career development, and videos of the team.

3. Moving too slowly

As noted above, the technician shortage is a real concern. Make the time to respond to applicants right away (same day or next day is ideal). Don’t rely on email; send the applicant a text or give them a call.

4. Relying too much on job boards

Most job descriptions look the same and there are many out there. How are you standing out? There’s only so much you can do with a text only job board, Wilson said. While job boards are still good to use, it’s best not to rely on them.

5. No strategy for passive candidates

Most employed technicians are not actively looking for a new job, however they are open to a new opportunity, Wilson said. In fact, he noted that 73 percent are employed and are unsatisfied. This means, appealing to those who are not even looking will be beneficial. Examples of things to do that could work may include sharing how your shop’s month went, recognizing a current employee, showing how you work, or sharing something cool going on in your department.

6. Not including your team

Technicians trust other technicians. Therefore, it’s important to include your employees in your recruiting efforts. From starting a referral program to finding out why your employees like/dislike working for you (via a survey or direct feedback) or asking them to be in a video or to share a post, all offer many benefits, plus they help with retention as well.

7. No system of record

Treat recruiting like any other part of your business - set goals, document your results, hold yourself and others (if applicable) accountable. Whether using an excel sheet or tracking pageviews after a post, it’s important to keep a record.

In addition to the above, Wilson pointed out the impact and power of videos in today’s world. “People love videos,” he said, adding that video content on social media gets 1,200 percent more shares than text and image content. For job posts, videos get 800 percent more engagement.

As far as video quality, Wilson noted that 97 percent of technicians prefer authentic, non-polished video over marketing type videos.

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