Video: Sunex Tool 8" x 10" Magnetic Mat

April 15, 2024

In this video, Sunex Tools demonstrates the features of their 8" x 10" Magnetic Mat.

@RADIndustries The SUNEX Tools 8" x 10" Magnetic Mat can do it all! Securely hold tools to a 1000 HP racecar not letting them move a hair, steadfastly grip a 22 Ton jack stand on an 18 gauge toolbox, and still be flexible enough to wrap around a lift post to keep your tools and parts within arms reach. BUY NOW: Revolutionizing Automotive Organization: Introducing the SXMAGMAT 8" x 10" Flexible Magnetic Mat SUNEX Tools launches the latest addition to their Shop Equipment line with a lightweight magnetic mat that carries a punch with an impressive holding capacity of 40lbs. SUNEX Tools unveils the SXMAGMAT, a groundbreaking addition to the automotive technician's toolkit. This 8" x 10" magnetic pad is engineered with a grid pattern of high-power rare earth magnets, offering an exceptional hold for tools and parts, facilitating easy organization within the engine bay, lift posts, or toolbox. The SXMAGMAT 8" x 10" Flexible Magnetic Mat, a game-changer for automotive technicians seeking superior organization and convenience. Featuring high-power rare earth magnets, this compact 8" x 10" pad boasts an impressive weight capacity of 40 lbs., effortlessly securing tools and parts in the engine bay, lift posts, or toolbox. Its flexible, non-marring design and the fluid-resistant PVC outer layer ensure a secure grip while protecting surfaces from scratches and shop fluids. Designed for versatility, this magnetic mat guarantees tools stay firmly in place during movement, making it an essential addition to any technician's workspace, accommodating various automotive applications with ease. visit for more information #SUNEX #SUNEXTools #Tools #MagneticMat #ToolHolder #ToolStorage #PartsHolder #PartsStorage #MagneticPartsMat #MagneticToolsMat