Product Insight: Getting ready for R-1234yf with Robinair

June 18, 2022
Are you prepared to service your customers' vehicles fitted with R-1234yf when they come if with a "not blowing cold" concern?

Are you prepared for servicing A/C systems filled with R-1234yf? 90 percent of the most popular vehicles on the road use R-1234yf refrigerant, and while the service process is still similar, there are some major differences that could damage a vehicle if not done properly.

R-1234yf isn’t new but now, many of the vehicles using it are out of factory warranty. As with any refrigerant, you’ll need service equipment designed specifically for these systems.

It starts with a Recovery/Recycle/Recharge machine and the folks at Robinair have just what you’re looking for. Robinair was the first company to make an SAE-certified R-1234yf machine commercially available and is the brand chosen by more shops than all others combined!

The demands of R-1234yf service don’t stop with the RRR machine. R-1234yf is classified as a “mildly flammable” refrigerant and is not cheap. It is critical to proper service of these systems to ensure that the system is leak-free and that the refrigerant and oil charges are correct. Robinair has you covered there as well!

Today’s A/C systems are highly technical and unforgiving of most mistakes. That’s why it’s important to follow OE service procedures