Torque Factor – Episode 10: Mark Quarto on Tesla, Battery Day, and electric machines

Nov. 16, 2020
Dr. Mark Quarto with Quarto Technical Services joins Scott Brown as the pair discuss Tesla, its recent Battery Day event, its electric machines, and their place in the market.
This episode’s featured guest is Dr. Mark Quarto with Quarto Technical Services. Mark is a subject matter expert on advanced vehicle propulsion systems and technologies. Scott Brown and Mark Quarto discuss Tesla and review the recent Battery Day event, Tesla’s electric machines, and how they differ from the rest of the market, and also discuss Tesla as a vehicle manufacturer and some of the advantages they have over legacy automakers. The two also discuss the knowledge and skills tomorrow's technician will need to address these advanced powertrains. + Recalls: 20V-512 - 2018- 2020 Dodge Charger Police/Intercept Vehicles Equipped with Stealth Mode Rear Visibility Default View. + Case Study: Bernie, a diagnostician in Albuquerque, New Mexico, runs through a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze misfire with repeat ignition coil failures. Bernie discussed how he established the issue and quickly set about finding a resolution. + Industry Update: Leading automotive industry organizations from across the U.S. have joined together to create a new training event, Professional Automotive Virtual Education (PAVE), which promises to be the ultimate virtual training event for automotive professionals. The PAVE Training event is powered by CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI), Worldpac, and Worldpac Training Institute (WTI). The virtual training will take place over three days beginning Friday, Jan. 8, and will run through Sunday, Jan. 10. Shops will enjoy the best and top trainers in the industry teaching more than 30 live training sessions. Additionally, the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo has announced its 2021 event will transition from an in-person event to a virtual event. The six-day training event will span across two weeks, consuming three days each week. The event starts on Tuesday, March 2nd, and will conclude on Thursday, March 11th. Visit VISIONKC.COM for more information. A word from this program’s sponsor, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY: Shops everywhere are shifting into high gear with NextGear. BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s game-changing tools are now available to any shop, anytime, anywhere. So every automotive professional can tap into BOLT ON’s digital vehicle inspections, two-way texting, and advanced appointment setting tools with just a smartphone or tablet. No additional equipment is needed. Plus the SecondGear Text to Pay feature is included to NextGear customers at no extra cost. At BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, their gears never stop turning. Learn more at is home to Torque Factor, and Professional Tool and Equipment News, Professional Distributor, and Fleet Maintenance magazines. Have a topic or question you’d like discussed on a future episode? Email us at: [email protected]. + Links: NHTSA Recall 20V-512: Diagnostic Network Case Study: PAVE Training: VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo: Super Magnet Man - Halbach Arrary: Tesla Battery Day: