VSP News: Industry Insights, Episode 9 - A/C Service and Repair Products

June 24, 2013
An overview of different air conditioning service products to consider for your shop.

Sarah Shelstrom, Publisher of Professional Tool & Equipment News and Professional Distributor, talks with Craig Truglia, NY shop owner and assistant editor of VehicleServicePros.com. They discuss the importance of having the right tools and equipment to be prepared for A/C season.

The most common repairs Craig says he sees in a shop include minor A/C leaks, leaking condensers and faulty compressors associated with electronics.

For these repairs, Craig provides information on some tools to help. These tools include the Cliplight 450-Plus Blue LED Inspection Light for spotting dyes, the CPS A/C Recovery Recycling Recharging (RRR) machine, and the Fluke VT02 IR Thermal Thermometer.