Shops prepare for using two different refrigerants

March 8, 2012
Although R-1234yf gas has been introduced for use in newer vehicles, shops still need to be able to service vehicles using the older R-134a refrigerant.

In 2011, a range of vehicles with air conditioning systems running on the new R-1234yf gas entered the European market. However, the great majority of vehicles on the road will still be using the older R-134a refrigerant – and these will continue to require servicing for the next 15 years or so.

This means that service bays will need equipment that can handle both the old and new vehicles. As noted before, R-1234yf is slightly flammable. So it is essential to use equipment that is specifically designed for the new refrigerant and that has been properly certified.

Robinair has introduced equipment to help shops service both types of repairs. 

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