VIDEO: Sunex Roadster

Feb. 21, 2019
Sunex Tools demonstrates the Roadster jack.

The Sunex Tools Roadster Aluminum 1-3/4 Ton Capacity Jack can raise the chassis of most cars and light trucks. The jack’s Rapid Rise technology helps lift vehicles with a fast, smooth operation. The jack’s twin pistons enable the user to raise the saddle to its maximum height in five pumps of the handle or less. A pressure relief valve lowers the jack to its original position for transport and storage. The 39-lb jack has a low-profile, 3-1/2" clearance, and its 360-degree rubber saddle pad rises up to 16-1/2". The jack’s rubber-coated handle retracts and folds to lock in place forming a sturdy carrying handle. The jack’s integrated side handle aids in positioning during set up. Wide track front wheels and ball-bearing swivel-caster wheels in the rear provide mobility.