Tool Review: Milton Industries Water & Air Industrial POWER WAND

May 9, 2024
Reviewed by Brian Culotta, shop foreman and master technician at Dave's Auto Care in Willoughby, Ohio.

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Q: How did the tool/equipment function as far as saving you time? 

A: Being able to insert this cleaning tool in between parts to clean them can save extensive time by eliminating and/or reducing the need to disassemble components on equipment.  


Q: How has using this tool impacted your shop’s profitability?

A: Whether you are using this tool to perform maintenance on your own equipment or to provide a cleaning service to a customer, this tool will ensure the process is done more efficiently and effectively.  


Q: What kind of setup was involved before using the product?

A: There is no setup required. There is an adapter included in the kit to either use this tool with air from an air compressor or water via a garden hose. Both options work well.  


Q: How easy was it to use?

A: Very simple to use. There is a flow control knob on the handle to limit the maximum flow as well as a variable trigger to squeeze. During the first use, I was not expecting the tool to create so much sideways “thrust” as the trigger was pulled. It is important to keep two hands on the tool when in use to maintain control of the long shaft.  


Q: How was its packaging? Did it come with any accessories?

A: The tool arrived in clear plastic packaging. It was partially bent due to the thin design of the shaft. I think the product should be sold in a better container to prevent damage. A plastic blow-molded case would be nice to store the product when not in use as well.  


Q: Was there a manual included? If so, did you use the manual, and was the manual easy to understand?

A: There was a small, easy-to-understand, quick-start type instruction card including photos and text explaining how to use the tool.  


Q: What features did you like?

A: Having two options to control flow is nice. The maximum flow-control knob will limit you from causing damage to equipment as the shaft thrusts. The variable trigger offers complete control as well. Also, I like the length of the shaft. It is the longest cleaning tool I have used.  


Q: Is there any way you could think to improve or add to this tool?

A: The shaft of the tool is made of thin aluminum, and I can see it bending fairly easily. Especially with how much thrust is created when at maximum flow/pressure. Also, having an adapter that could allow spraying a cleaning solution onto the equipment would be nice.  


Q: What types of jobs/repairs did you use this tool for? Please provide a few specific examples.

A: Cleaning in between a radiator and A/C condenser to remove road dust/debris. Cleaning the inside of truck frame rails to remove salt and road debris after the winter months to prevent rusting. Rinsing the underside of a vehicle with the vehicle on the ground during a car wash. I even used the tool at home to clean my gutters!  


Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you’ve used like it?

A: This is the first cleaning tool that I have used that uses either water or air. I have multiple long blow-gun style tools but nothing with a 90-degree 10-jet tip like this tool.  


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why?

A: I would give this an eight. I feel the shaft could be made slightly thicker to prevent bending.  

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