Tool Review: Streamlight Wedge XT Flashlight

Jan. 23, 2024
Reviewed by Benedict Grubner, technician at Mercedes-Benz of Burlington in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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Q: How did the tool function as far as saving you time? 
A: The rechargeable battery in the Wedge XT lasted quite a while as most of my use was on the low setting (50 lm). I was never forced to alternate to a different flashlight halfway through a job due to a rundown battery and thus time was saved. 

Q: How has using this tool impacted your shop’s profitability? 
A: This flashlight quickly exposed much needed upsells when performing multi-point inspections. Such items could be overlooked if using a flashlight with a narrower beam and/or lower lumen count. 
Q: What kind of setup was involved before using the product? 
A: The only setup needed was to charge the flashlight with a USB-C cord before use. 

Q: How easy was it to use? 
A: The flashlight was easy to operate. That being said, I refrained from using the "five-tap" lockout feature which I found burdensome to use (pressing the tail switch rapidly four times and holding it down on the fifth time to lock and following the same process again to unlock). Given how frequently I took out and returned this light to my breast pocket, it didn't make sense for me to use this function. While I do like the lockout idea, I feel as though a mechanical lock switch would be highly preferred over the programmable style for the sake of efficiency and convenience. 

Q: How was its packaging? Did it come with any accessories? 
A: Packaging was sufficient. The flashlight came in a plastic carton with a USB-C cord, user manual, and Streamlight sticker. 

Q: Was there a manual included? If so, did you use the manual, and was the manual easy to understand? 
A: Yes, a manual was included. I used the manual to understand how to operate the lockout mode and program the high/low power-up sequence. The manual was written clearly and easy to comprehend. 

Q: What features did you like? 
A: I liked being able to program the power-up sequence. For my use, I set the light to power up on low, and a quick second tap of the tail switch would change the beam to high. The light came factory configured vice versa, in a high-low manner. To change this, I had to tap the tail switch nine times and hold it down the tenth time; the beam flashed, indicating that the parameters had been adjusted. 
Q: Is there any way you could think to improve or add to this tool? 
A: Having an integrated charging port dust cover is a much-needed improvement for this light to prevent dirt and contaminants from getting into the USB-C slot. Nearly all rechargeable flashlights at or below this price point come standard with this feature. Using wireless charging or a charging cradle/dock system would make charging more convenient and eliminate the USB-C dust cover issue. Also having brighter color options for the Wedge XT besides the standard black and "Coyote" brown colors would help reduce the chance of misplacing this light if using it in a dark engine bay or on black interior carpeting.

Q: What types of jobs did you use this tool for? 
A: I used this flashlight for multiple underbody inspections, brake pad inspections, and for locating tire punctures. Additionally, I used this flashlight to identify recommended repair items such as rotted rear brake lines on a W212 E-class and cracked exhaust clamps on the same vehicle. 

Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you’ve used like it? 
A: I have not used the standard, larger Streamlight Wedge so I cannot compare the XT to its big brother. Compared to my previous go-to flashlights, the Wedge XT is superior in build quality, ergonomics, and overall performance. It’s definitely a new favorite. 

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why? 
A: I would rate this pocket flashlight an 8.5. This light is definitely a rugged and solid performer, however, there is still room for improvement, such as the previously mentioned charging port cover. 

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