Tool Review: Vessel IMPACT BALL Torsion Bit 10+1-pc Set

March 8, 2023
Reviewed by Matt Fanslow diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive, LLC in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Q: How did the tool/equipment function as far as saving you time?

A: In the long-term, it saves time by not needing to go grab, or buy, another bit that shattered from being used with an impact gun. 

Q: What kind of setup was involved before using the product?

A: Zero set-up was required. 

Q: How easy was it to use?

A: Extremely. 

Q: What features did you like?

A: The bits are designed to be used with an impact gun.  We have used non-impact bits in the past and eventually they break.  We’ve had this set for review for much longer than typical products for review, so we’ve had AMPLE time to break them.  We have yet to do so over the last six months. 

Q: What types of jobs/repairs did you use this tool for?

A: The vast majority of repairs we used this for were under hood and interior work.   

Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you’ve used like it?

A: The other tools were not “impact-friendly.” 

Q: Is there any way you could think to improve or add to this tool?

A: This tool had no features that I didn’t like, but more sizes and different lengths, would be great. Though those are probably available on their website. 

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this tool overall? Why?

A: I would rate this a 10. I mean, it’s maybe not the most exciting review, but they do what they say they do, and they’ve held up to our abuse over a really long period compared to most bits I’ve used. I put these in all of our tech’s hands and they’ve used them daily. How can they not be rated a 10?  

About the Author

Matt Fanslow

Matt Fanslow is the shop manager for Riverside Automotive, an all makes/all models independent repair shop in Red Wing, Minnesota. He has over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry and is an ASE Master Certified Technician (A1-A8) and an L1 Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist. He also has his own podcast, Matt Fanslow Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z, that provides a wide-open perspective on all aspects of the automotive aftermarket from a working diagnosticians' point of view.

To listen to his latest podcast episode and others, visit

In 2021, Fanslow was the recipient of the AAPEX Technician of the Year award. 

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