Tool Review: CanDo HD Pro III

June 15, 2021
Reviewed by Sulev Oun, owner, O&K Truck Repairs Ltd. in Tonawanda, New York.
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Q: How did the tool/equipment function as far as saving you time? 

A: I've got quite a few scan tools, especially since I do training and have my own shop, so the tablet format makes it very convenient to just grab it and get in there in a timely fashion. This is important especially when it comes to commercial vehicles because there's somebody on the other end of the line that wants to know if they should schedule the truck. 

Q: What kind of setup was involved before using the product? 

A: The setup was typical of ankind of phone or computer-based device. Basically, you're setting up for Wi-Fi and some personal settings that are required by most scan tools. 

Q: How easy was it to use? 

A: Yeah, it was easy. It's more buttonology. Because it's a tablet platform, you kind of learn between your smartphones and everything how to start navigating. The bottom line is it's like anything else, you just have to power it up and then start playing with it. You're not going to hurt anything. 

Q: How was its packaging? Did it come with any accessories? 

A: It came in a fairly sturdy case. It's one of those permanent cases that you want to keep your tools in all the time, and it had various cables laid out very neatly in thereThey do have an OBD 16-pin breakout box that comes with it too, so I'm sure that will wind up being useful. 

Q: What features did you like? 

A: I liked the separation availability of choosing between engines, between vehicles, and some of the other stuff too like agriculture and off-road equipment  

Q: How could this tool be improved? 

A: I think the connection cable should be a little bit longer than it is, and I would like to see some printing functionality. It does have Snapshot though. 

Q: What types of jobs/repairs did you use this tool for?  

A: I've used it on diagnosing some Cummins' CNG engines. Also, because it's a global platform, they're pretty good about getting into Isuzu's Hinos. That's stuff that would normally be a little hard to get into as far as hooking up and being able to connect and communicate with different vehicles. 

Q: How does this tool compare to other tools you’ve used like it?  

A: I have quite a few scan tools. The best way I can describe this is this is a budget-minded scan tool. Depending on what your budget is, you do get a good bang for the buck.  

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