Tool Review: Lumax Fluid Extractor LX-1314

Dec. 2, 2019
The reviewer is pleased with this unit’s flexible – and fast – fluid extraction.

Product description:

The Lumax Manual/Pneumatic 2-in-1 Fluid Extractor, No. LX1314, is designed for brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, water, and more. This fluid extractor is ideal for extracting engine oils or lubricants for a variety of applications. This product offers durable, oil- and chemical-resistant polypropylene construction, automatic overflow protection, a quick-drain pour spout, decompression/exhaust valve for releasing negative pressure, and a valve and safety cup for automatic cut-off extraction. This fluid extractor has a maximum fluid temperature of 176 degrees F.

Because it weighs just shy of 3 lbs, has its own storage, and offers both manual and pneumatic operation for a quicker, easier fluid extraction process, Aaron Miller is impressed with Lumax’s 2-in-1 Fluid Extractor LX-1314.

Miller is a mobile diesel technician specializing in electrical and diagnostic work, currently working with ACME Lift Company in Houston, Texas. He says the Lumax unit saved him some time on the job, as it helped him to drain fluids quickly, adding, “The ability to use either air assistance or operate with the manual pump adds a lot of flexibility.”

When he first received the unit, Miller noted it came with four different sized hose adapters. Right away, the Houston-area technician found setting up and using the LX-1314 fluid extractor was a pretty straightforward endeavor. He also appreciated the fact that he could store the additional hose adapters right in the tool.

In his time using and evaluating the 2-in-1 Fluid Extractor, Miller found the product to be pleasantly efficient at evacuating oil drain pans for oil changes through the dipstick tube. He also used it to drain oil reservoirs for vehicle components like power steering, brake fluid, and transmission fluids. While Miller and his team used the fluid extractor primarily for trucks, he notes it would offer a seamless fluid extraction process for “just about any vehicle.”

Miller noted he wouldn’t mind seeing a handle added to the side to assist in emptying the tank. He also notes the plastic fitting at the backside of the unit may be susceptible to damage, though the fluid extractor is constructed of oil- and chemical-resistant polypropylene.

After using the LX-1314 Lumax Fluid Extractor in day-to-day operations Miller said this fluid extractor was “near perfect.”

“It made working with fluids clean and efficient. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up,” says Miller. He was also impressed with the unit’s streamlined design and built-in storage for additional hose adapters. Moreover, the ability to use air is a feature which he says, “sets this unit apart from and ahead of competitor versions [of fluid evacuation tools].”

The LX-1314’s clear tank design was the icing on the cake – as Miller could easily see the tank fluid level at a glance.

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