Tool Review: ToolBox Widget Wrench Organizer

May 1, 2019
The reviewer appreciated that this tool organizing system is customizable to each technician’s needs.

The ToolBox Widget Wrench Organizer is an independent modular tool organizing system for the toolbox. This tool organizer allows users to add or subtract and choose the exact number of holders they need. The widgets can save up to 30 to 40 percent of space to maximize toolbox drawer room, according to the company. Features include a modular design, strong magnets, missing tool indicators, changeable size labels and a flexible material. Each kit holds 14 wrenches, and magnets have a 5-lb pull each.

The review

Every technician knows space in a toolbox is at a premium. Additional tools are always needed – or wanted – and they all need an accessible and secure place to live. Tool organizers offer a way to help technicians keep their tools in order and save space in their toolbox for the next big purchase.

According to Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, Indiana, the Wrench Organizer from ToolBox Widget makes an easy job of maximizing space in a toolbox.

“It’s a safe bet to say you will have at least 1/3 more drawer space [using the Wrench Organizer],” he says.

Fort used the tool organizers to replace plastic trays he had previously been using in his toolbox. The set came with 14 wrench holders, with both single- and dual-slot sections, allowing for customization to each technician’s needs.

“The best thing about these organizers is you’re not limited to how many or how few you use,” Fort says. “You can use just one or, given the room, one hundred.”

Using the organizers is as simple as “sliding them together and placing them where you want them,” according to Fort. He explains that each organizer has a magnet in its base capable of holding the organizers in place even through a standard drawer liner.

Fort mentions that the organizers can accommodate both round shaft and raised panel wrenches, in sizes from the smallest 5/32” up to 2”. And, the missing tool indicators allow technicians to easily see where a wrench is missing at a glance.

“Each wrench slot has an orange strip where the wrench rests,” Fort says. “This gives a quick visual heads-up when someone isn’t home.”

While Fort had no complaints about the Wrench Organizer, he did mention that he would appreciate the ability to choose single- or dual-slot pieces, rather than getting a mix of both.

Otherwise, Fort is very pleased with the organizers. He appreciates the value, the space they saved in his toolbox and the flexibility to use them how they best suit his needs.

“The gang at Toolbox Widget has hit a home run in my book,” he says. “Not only are the wrench holders cheaper than most, but they don’t limit me in how I use them.”

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