Tool Review: Kershaw Fraxxion Knife

March 11, 2019
The reviewer appreciated that this pocket knife was easy to deploy one-handed.

The Kershaw Fraxion Knife, designed by custom knife and toolmaker Jens Anso, is ideal for users who prefer a contemporary look and compact size. This slim, sleek design is lightweight, with a streamlined designed and light but strong G10 handles with carbon fiber overlay. An inset liner lock secures the blade open during use, helps keep down weight and maintains the handle's comfortable slimness. This knife features quality blade steel for a long lasting edge, and offers easy one-handed opening with flipper. The knife weighs 1.9 oz. 

The review

A pocket knife might not be at the top of every technician’s must-have tools list, but knives can be a handy tool for everyday carry and miscellaneous cutting tasks. Eric Moore of DeMary Truck in Columbus, Ohio, appreciated that the Kershaw Fraxxion Knife was sharp and easy to use.

“I really like the one-handed open and close,” Moore says. “It makes it [seem] almost illegal, it opens so smoothly.”

Moore says the Fraxxion knife arrived in a small, plastic wrapped box with no accessories. There wasn’t a manual included, but using the knife is so straightforward, there really was no need for one.

The standout feature to Moore was the quality of this product.

“It has a nice finish, smooth actions, and a super sharp blade all the way to the tip,” he says. “You could shave with it (and one of our guys tried).”

While there were no features that Moore disliked about the knife, he did note that it was more user friendly for right-handed users than for left-handed ones.

“My left-handed techs liked that they could switch the pocket clip to make it more friendly for using left-side pockets, but like most pocket knives, the release is great for righties, not so much for lefties,” he says. “Our lefties would like a more universal lock release, so that it is truly adaptable for use with either hand.”

Moore says he and his technicians have used other pocket knives in the past, but stated this knife was easier to use than those.

“We have all had pocket knives, several styles and sizes over the years,” Moore says. “I haven’t had one that was as easy to open one-handed…that was legal…without having to work the action and lubricate it.”

Overall, Moore was impressed by the durability, quality and ease of use of the Fraxxion knife.

“It’s not a necessity, it doesn’t have additional blade for screwdrivers or other tools,” Moore says. “It’s [more of] a luxury item, really. But, if you like to carry a pocket knife, it has a nice finish and sharp blade.” 

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