Tool Review: Autologic AssistPlus Diagnostic Equipment

March 14, 2018
This tool saved the reviewer time with its direct diagnostics for a faster fix

The Autologic AssistPlus Diagnostic Equipment is linked with Autologic's technical support service, AutologicLive. AssistPlus offers OE trained master technicians that are accessible via the AssistPlus device, online and through a mobile app. Key features include a web browser, intuitive touchscreen interface and high-resolution photo and video capabilities. According to the company, Autologic's support team can provide expert advice, fault code information and step-by step guidance in real-time to help users work through complex repairs.

The Review

Ardsley Motors sits 20 miles outside of Manhattan in Westchester County. The general repair shop has been in business for 32 years. It is owned and managed by father and son Bernie and Justin Milano.

The business handles mostly general repair of automotive, light truck and SUV. It also specializes in electronics and sees more than its fair share of imports. Bernie Milano and his team of five technicians (plus two mobile technicians) recently had the opportunity to work with the Autologic AssistPlus Diagnostic Equipment linked with Autologic’s technical support service, AutologicLife. The AssistPlus is a newer version, Windows-based scan tool that offers OE trained master technicians accessible via the device, online and through a mobile app. The AssistPlus comes with its own cable connections and powerpack.

“I’ve tried to stay ahead of the curve in the computer age,” says the elder Milano. With a repair facility that specializes in European vehicles, Milano says the cars are often difficult to work on and diagnosis with factory tooling can be challenge.

“In this area we get a lot of BMWs and Audi VW … all of them.” Ardsley technicians recently used the AssistPlus on a 2015 BMW 5 Series vehicle to diagnose a bad FRM (Footwell) module. The FRM is an electrical nodal point that picks up signals from the door, and controls the lighting and adaptive headlights. It is also the interface to the dashboard.

Technicians used the scan tool to diagnose the module and pull trouble codes. After the module was replaced, they were also able to program and code it with the AssistPlus. “That’s something that’s right down the throat of this tool; [we can] do it quickly and painlessly. We did the car in 15, 20 min with Autologic; it would have taken over an hour with a factory tool,” says Milano.

Milano points out basic features of the scan tool -- resets, programming, coding and calibrating -- come in handy. Overall, he says, the tool is a time-saver.

“We have a business in a business,” Milano says of his shop. In addition to regular operations, they have two technicians who go out and do mobile work. They see about 35-40 autobody or repair shops a week, and as a result, the AssistPlus is used daily, either in-house or on the road.

“Most factory tools have gotten better (in 2018),” says Milano. “Over the years [these products] were cumbersome and hard to use. One of Autologic’s claims to fame was that their engineering [team] dissected its tool to make information even quicker and faster to retrieve.”

The AssistPlus allows users to run a very targeted scan of a vehicle.

“If a computer in a BMW has to be programmed, the factory [scan tool] looks at the entire vehicle and programs and checks every control in whole vehicle (which takes quite a bit of time). With this tool ... you can go after the one thing,” Milano says. “This won’t do everything a factory [scan tool] will do, but you don’t need everything.”

Milano says the scan tool was straightforward and intuitive. “It’s not difficult at all; it’s very logical.” Even so, Autologic has available a number of online videos that show how to use the tool, as well as pdf files and a comprehensive website. “Otherwise, just pick up the phone,” he says.

“I think they’re working on support time; using email or support requests from the tools is helping,” he adds.

The New York technician has no complaints about the scan tool, and is satisfied with the level of service that comes with it.

“The tools is very user friendly, and the support [at Autologic] is a really good core group of people. For prospective buyer out there-- you’re buying a tool. They’re not going to tell you you can do something when you can’t. [This is] a good investment -- a major investment -- but you’re buying something where you’re not going to feel like you’re on an island. Buy with confidence.”

About the Author

Sara Scullin | Editor | PTEN and Professional Distributor

Sara Scullin is the editor of PTEN and Professional Distributor magazines. These publications are part of the Endeavor Business Media Vehicle Repair Group, which includes Fleet Maintenance, Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN), Professional Distributor magazines and

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