Tool review: RTI Technologies ATX-3 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Feb. 9, 2010
A closer look at RTI's ATX-3 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger

TI's ATX-3 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger offers fully automatic operation using an accurate mass measuring exchange process, as well as dipstick tube exchange. The ATX-3 has these additional features:

* Cooler Line Mode: Hooks up to the transmission cooler line with a no-drip quick coupler system. The ATX-3 automatically and continuously weighs the amount of fluid being pumped into the used fluid tank inside the machine.

* The Dipstick Tube Mode allows for insertion of the dipstick tube hose into the vehicle's dipstick tube. When the vehicle is started, the ATX-3 removes one quart of used fluid and replaces it with new fluid, repeating the process until the desired fluid exchange amount is reached.


Mike Steptoe, a PTEN review panelist and owner of Reliable Auto Repair in Fort Atkinson, Wis., was impressed with RTI's ATX-3 and particularly with the ease-of-use of the dipstick exchange mode.

"It was a versatile machine with different modes of exchange, and was easy to figure out and setup to run.," Mike said. "The dipstick mode was especially nice to have for when the cooler lines are difficult to access, and it saves you from making more work sometimes.

"Even has two different diameters of hoses for the newer, smaller dipstick tubes."

Time savings were a big key for Mike.

A big feature with it is you can program it for the service and walk away from it to do other work," Mike said. "It beeps when it's done with the cycle ... and you're pretty much set.

"I really like filling trannies with it, because when you do transmission flushes the other way, you always have to wait for all the fluid and residue to travel down the tube so you don't get a false reading on the dipstick. But here, filling the fluid through the cooler line, when the fluid is in it, you can measure the dipstick right away.

"It speeds up that process, of the final fill."

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