Tool Review: Cal-Van Tools Fuel Line Disconnect and Heater Hose Removal Tools

June 22, 2011

The Cal-Van Tools' 230TNZ Fuel Line service tools were designed to remove stubborn fuel lines. To use, force the tapered end into the disconnect, instantly disconnecting from the fuel line. The tools tapered opening goes from 3/4” to 1/8”. This allows a universal application with just two tools. Two different styles in one set give the user the ability to work in tight spaces.

The 244TNZ Heater Hose Disconnect Tools are designed to completely fill the void in the connector to release the fastener. There is also a 40-degree offset designed to help users work around obstructions in tight spaces, which is especially important in vans and pickup trucks where space is tight. Sold as a set with all four sizes: Ford, GM, large and extra-large. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The Review

Tom Karigianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, Wis., tested out the Fuel Line Disconnect Tools set and the Heater Hose Removal Tools set.

"They’re nice and small to get into tight areas,” said Tom.

Tom also appreciated the ease of use with these tools, and found them handy because they were lightweight yet durable.

“The tool is lightweight, and strong, being made of aircraft aluminum,” said Tom. He preferred the aircraft-grade aluminum over other disconnect tools he’s used previously. “The plastic ones tend to break, they’re not as strong and they flex too much.”

Tom recommended one improvement for the disconnect sets: a bigger variety of different sizes. Tom explained because of the vast number of different size hoses manufacturers produce, no hose sizes are uniform. “It’s because manufacturer’s are making what they want,” said Tom. “Some make (hoses) 10 mm, some make them 12mm. Some make them American sizes.”

But while he was trying out both disconnect tool sets, Tom didn’t run into any hoses he was unable to disconnect on the vehicles in his shop.

On a scale of one to 10, Tom says he’d rate both sets of disconnect tools at a 10 because of the toughness and durability over plastic disconnect tools, while still be lightweight. “It’s tough stuff.

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