Tool Review: AGS Company's FlexForce Wrench Set, No. FF204

April 15, 2014

The AGS Company FlexForce Wrench Set, No. FF204, assists with removing even the most worn brake and fuel fittings. This wrench can be slipped over lines in tight fitting areas, and fits over 90 percent of domestic and import vehicles. A square-drive socket wrench can also be attached for more leverage. This four-piece set includes the following: FF10 (3/8”-10mm); FF11 (7/16”-11mm); FF1213 (1/2”-12/13mm); and FF14 (9/16”-14mm). 

The Review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. in Huntingburg, Ind. tried out the AGS ForceFlex wrench set.

When asked how easy the wrenches were to use, Fort said he had no problems.

“Without a doubt, they’re simple,” he said. “If you can open a pocketknife you won’t have any problem with these.”

Along with ease of use, Fort explained the compact size of these wrenches makes them ideal for having on-hand for quick or remote jobs.

“Their size is nice and they feel good in your hand, having them fold up when not in use takes up less space in my box,” For said. “Being about the size of a large pocketknife makes them easy to slip in a pocket when you’re headed out on a service call as well.”

When not in use, Fort said he liked the organizer the tools came in. When he actually used the tool, he also liked the results.

“The best thing about the FlexForce Wrench is its gripping force. Just for fun I tried to strip/round a couple of fittings but couldn’t do it. The more force I put on the tool the tighter it would grip the fitting with only a small amount of deforming to the fitting at the top of my grunt scale,” he said. “Having the hex built into the handle is a plus for adding extra ‘oomph’ and it helps in the tools use where it will fit.”

As far as improvements, he would like to see a few more larger sizes available and suggested an additional design.

“I would really be interested in seeing them made more like a crow’s foot,” explained Fort. “This would make them much more versatile as I believe they could be made much smaller for better access in tight spots.”

Although Fort said the FlexForce wrenches wouldn’t replace the need for all line wrenches, he said would still purchase them.

“FlexForce wrenches bring to wrenches what twist lock sockets brought to sockets,” said Fort. “I would add them to my arsenal.” 

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