Chicago Pneumatic introduces what it calls the "first true" 3/4” stubby impact wrench

July 5, 2017
Chicago Pneumatic’s new CP7762 3/4” stubby impact wrench measures 6.2” in length and weighs a 6.6 lbs.

Finding out that a power tool won’t fit into the space available is a key frustration for operators in heavy vehicle servicing, according to the results of a customer survey power tool manufacturers Chicago Pneumatic said they conducted.

Respondents told the company that tools that don’t fit into tight spaces – for instance within engine compartments – are a primary cause of dissatisfaction. Smaller tools that are not powerful enough for the task in hand came a close second.

Chicago Pneumatic has used this customer feedback to develop what they say is the world’s first, truly compact 3/4” stubby impact wrench – the CP7762. 

“Asking customers to share their experiences and suggest ways in which we might improve our products is an integral part of our research and development program,” says Yann Pasco of Chicago Pneumatic. “Acting on the feedback received about poorly sized and under-powered tools for heavy vehicle applications, we reviewed the models currently available on the market and found that they were not true 3/4’’ compact impact wrenches at all, but rather 1/2’’ models with a 3/4’’ anvil or regular size 3/4” with joints. Clearly there was demand for a better, more bespoke solution, so we set about designing a true, 3/4” stubby impact wrench from first principles – and the CP7762 is the result.” 

Chicago Pneumatic’s new CP7762 3/4” stubby impact wrench measures 6.2” (158.7mm) in length and weighs a 6.6 lbs. (3.0 kg) – that’s little more than a bag of sugar.

Small but powerful, the CP7762 is equipped with a steel motor that delivers 1050 ft/lbs (1420 Nm) in reverse for high productivity. Featuring a twin hammer action and an aluminum housing, the CP7762 is capable of delivering optimum performance in the toughest operating environment. 

Operator comfort is an integral part of this new stubby impact wrench’s design. This is evident in the fact that the CP7762 is a well-balanced tool and features an ergonomic P-handle with full teasing trigger. The controls are designed and positioned for ease of use and include a one hand Forward and Reverse speed regulator button and a side-to-side forward and reverse system. 

Tried and tested

To prove that the CP7762 3/4” stubby impact wrench really does improve access to confined bolts, Chicago Pneumatic tested the new tool against its nearest rivals for efficiency and productivity.

The challenge was to remove eight bolts securing a major truck manufacturer’s wheel in the shortest possible time. The CP7762 performed well, according to the company. In terms of efficiency, the operator was able to remove all eight bolts using the new impact wrench. This was not possible with any other 3/4” impact wrench and the operator had to resort to using hand tools to complete the task. As a consequence, productivity gains using the new CP7762 were recorded at 20 minutes per wheel. 

“We routinely test all our products for qualities like durability and efficiency, but we felt that a comparison test was crucial in this instance," Pasco of Chicago Pneumatic concludes. "The results exceeded our expectations and clearly demonstrate the benefits for heavy vehicle service operators in using a power tool that has been specifically designed to meet their needs.” 

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