Tech Tips: Employing and maintaining video-based fleet safety equipment

Nov. 7, 2016
Here are three tips for properly using and maintaining video-based fleet safety equipment.

Marty Fletcher, strategic program manager at SmartDrive Systems, provided with three tips for properly using and maintaining video-based fleet safety equipment.

1. Clients should utilize the SmartDrive provided monitoring reports for camera health, proper field of view, obstructed views, connectivity and event off load status. When necessary, clients should contact the company's 24/7 Customer Service group for assistance on any issues. All cameras, internal and external, should be checked daily for lens obstructions in the form of film, dirt, debris or any other visibility limiting concerns. 

2. Vehicle operators should be responsible for notifying their manager or company maintenance group should any issue arise when message indicator lights are not displaying correctly, or if cameras suffer any de-adhesion or mounting separation. When windshield replacements are necessary, an authorized SmartDrive provided windshield replacement kit should be utilized following proper cleaning and drying of the glass surface. When an over-the-road repair is necessary, industrial grade double-sided tape should be used until an authorized kit becomes available and can be installed.  Cameras should be reinstalled in the original locations per SmartDrive first article documentation.

3. Any visible issue with harnesses or camera cables should be reported by the operator to maintenance, and should be checked at every opportunity during scheduled maintenance or repair. Only approved connection components and methods provided in the SmartDrive first article documentation should be used to effect repairs. Damage to any of the system components should be reported and addressed as soon as possible to ensure the ability for event capture. 

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