Being proactive with digital inspection tools

Oct. 5, 2023
Using a digital inspection tool to view a vehicle’s service history provides technicians with invaluable insights into customers’ vehicles.

Digital inspection tools serve many purposes in the shop from streamlining a technician’s workflow to reducing paper waste, these tools enhance overall shop efficiency. In particular, a digital inspection tool can be used to quickly view a vehicle’s service history as well as provide automated reminders for factory-scheduled maintenance checks.

Having a vehicle’s service history at their fingertips allows technicians to gain valuable insight into any previous maintenance and repair work done.

“Reviewing the service history allows technicians to identify recurring problems, previously addressed issues, and any outstanding concerns,” says Brian Canning, a veteran of the automotive repair industry. “It also keeps on our radar service and repair items that a customer might have declined on a previous visit, so they are not overlooked or forgotten about.”

Canning notes, this overview of the vehicle’s past helps technicians:

  • Better understand current problems and provide a more accurate diagnosis,
  • Eliminates unnecessary repairs,
  • Identifies potential warranty coverage,
  • And helps assure the customer that the shop is keeping their vehicle well-maintained.

The service history also shows the technician the vehicle’s age, mileage, and historical patterns. This information allows them to recommend maintenance measures that can be taken in advance to ward off future problems.

By taking this proactive approach, the vehicle’s overall condition is improved with the added benefit of enhancing the customer’s trust and satisfaction with the shop’s service.

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