Top 5 most popular Big-Time Boxes of 2021

Dec. 27, 2021
With only a few days left of 2021, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most popular Big-Time Boxes that crossed the pages of PTEN this year.

With only a few days left of 2021, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the most popular Big-Time Boxes that crossed the pages of PTEN this year. From massive toolbox set-ups to the simplicity of a single tool cart, we've seen a variety of organization styles. Which set-up would you want for your shop? 

5. Rusty Flake, Advanced Automotive Diagnostics and Repair

This shop owner took his first Snap-on box and bolted on another of the same size to create a mega big-time box. His toolbox is 14.5’ long and 6’ high and has big drawers to fit his diagnostic tools.

“But it just gets bigger and bigger as you go… It almost holds everything now,” says Flake. 

4. Mario Rojas, Autobahn Performance

Though Rojas has a 76" workhorse that's great for storage, he rarely goes in it. This automotive diagnostician prefers to keep his toolbox mobile, with a Harbor Freight diagnostic cart that holds everything he needs and more, including a massive 4K TV. 

"I have several boxes, but the main one I work with the most is my diagnostic cart," Rojas says. "It allows me to do a lot of things at once, like [reading] email, looking up service information, looking up wiring diagrams, and using a PicoScope simultaneously."

3. Jim Carlisle, Highline Automotive

Automotive technician and shop owner Jim Carlisle's Snap-on EPIQ toolbox helps keep his workspace neat and orderly. The matte black box with a gloss trim is comprised of an 84" roll cab with a full work station, a 60" roll cab, and a 60" top with drawers. Finishing out his ensemble are two side lockers and three overhead boxes, which are 17' wide, 30" deep, and over 7' high.

"I'm big on having a spot for every tool. It helps to get the jobs done smoothly and accurately," says Carlisle.

2. Eric Armstrong, Armstrong Automotive Repair 

Shop owner Eric Armstrong’s new tool storage setup is something he can continue adding on to as his tool collection and shop grow. His 84” two-bank Cornwell toolbox setup includes a hutch, two lockers on either side of the toolbox, and a roll cart positioned at the end. 

“I was completely out of storage in the [toolbox] I had before. This is about 10 times bigger than my other one,” Armstrong says.

1. G. Jerry Truglia, ATTS

"It’s the Lamborghini of boxes.”

That’s how G. Jerry Truglia describes his 84” EPIQ Snap-on toolbox. He particularly enjoys how he can configure the drawers in whatever way he wants, such as deep or shallow, long or short, side drawers or full length.

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