Tool Review: AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool

April 9, 2020
The three-position flex head was this reviewer’s favorite feature.

From automotive repair to even some electrical work, the AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool came in handy for a number of jobs in and around the shop for this tool reviewer. Brin Kline, owner of Assured Auto Works in Melbourne, Florida, said the best feature of the tool is in the product name – the flex head.

“Being able to position the head of the tool in three different positions is very helpful and certainly saves on time,” Kline says.

With very little setup, Kline noted he only needed to add an air hose connection nipple and oil the tool before he was off and using the tool within the shop.

When the tool arrived, it was packaged in a cardboard box and came with two arbor locking and releasing wrenches. A manual was also included, however, Kline said that technicians already familiar with pneumatic tools will find the AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool to be pretty straightforward. Regardless, Kline read the manual and said it was easy to understand.

Kline has used cut-off tools for years, but never one with a flex head. He remarks the flex head on the AIRCAT tool, along with 360-degree rotating safety shield, were “very cool features.”

Additional features that Kline liked include the overall size and feel of the tool. He also appreciated that it wasn’t as loud as similar tools he has used. The AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool offers a rotational rear exhaust with internal silencing to reduce noise levels to 90 dBA, a patented muffler design that stood out to Kline.

In the shop, Kline used the cut-off tool for exhaust and fabrication work, as well as to cut 1/2” galvanized electrical conduit.

In one instance, Kline noted the tool helped to complete the job. He was working on an exhaust repair for a mid-2000’s Honda Civic, replacing the exhaust manifold/converter assembly using a Magna Flow assembly – which was supposed to be a direct fit – but it didn’t. After some adjustments, he needed the tool for cutting to complete the job.

Overall, Kline enjoyed using the AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool in his shop and felt it was very easy to use.

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