Tool Review: Mac Tools 20V MAX Hood Light

Dec. 14, 2018
The reviewer appreciated that this light helped improve efficiency when working under the hood.

The Mac Tools 20V MAX Hood Light, No. MCL045, has 600 lumens on low setting and 1350 lumens on high setting. The light offers up to 10.5 hours of runtime on the low setting and up to six hours of runtime on the high setting using the 20V MAX 4Ah battery pack. Motion sensors turn the light off when no movement is detected for three minutes to extend battery life. The light offers 360 degrees of rotating on anti-marring padded hooks that extend to fit most SUV/truck hoods. The light also has replaceable protective lens, a detachable 80 lm flashlight and is fully compatible with all Mac Tools 20V MAX batteries. The light is IP55 rated. Mac Tools also offers the light in a kit, No. MCL045M1, which includes a detachable flashlight, battery and battery charger.

The review

When working in the shop, being able to see what you’re working on is key to maximizing efficiency. Reviewer Ken Elzinga of Hilltop Auto Service in Byron Center, Michigan, appreciated the brightness and utility of the Mac Tools 20V MAX Hood Light.

“Even in a well-lit shop, there are always situations where you need more light,” Elzinga says. “The Mac underhood light made it very easy to keep working with the engine bay fully illuminated.”

Setup was simple—just charge the batteries, and the light was ready to use. The only accessory included was a battery charger. The included manual had clear, easy to understand instructions, but Elzinga says that the light was intuitive and easy to use, so he didn’t use them much.

Elzinga used this light mainly for underhood repairs, such as replacing head gaskets, intake gaskets and completing fuel injector replacements.

 “We used it every time we had a major underhood repair that needed good lighting,” he explains. “It worked great.”

Previously, Elzinga had used a corded underhood light. He appreciated that the MAX Hood Light’s cordless feature made the light easier to use in comparison, and he liked the way the light folded up for convenient storage when not in use.

“It was very easy to use,” Elzinga says. “Just attach [the light] to the underside of the hood and go to work.”

A standout feature of this light was the long battery life, Elzinga notes.

“I like that the light turns off when you walk away from it, and automatically turns back on when you approach it,” he says. “This saves battery life and saves the time of having to switch out a battery in the middle of a job.”

Elzinga had no concerns or suggestions for improvement for this tool.

 “It performs flawlessly in every aspect,” he says. “It gives great underhood light, makes the job easier and faster, and does what it is supposed to do.”

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