Tool Review: AIRCAT 3/4” Super Duty Impact Wrench

April 19, 2018
The reviewer was impressed with the power behind the impact.

The AIRCAT 3/4” Composite Impact Wrench, No. 1770-XL, from Florida Pneumatic, will break loose fasteners and bolts on trucks, trailers and heavy duty off-road vehicles with a loosing torque of 1,600 lb-ft. The refined design twin-hammer mechanism increases blow frequency, according to the company. A power management switch provides three power settings, and molded-in buffers protect the tool from side impact. Push-button forward/reverse buttons are located at the back of the tool, making control and operation convenient. Weighing 7.4 lbs, the 1770-XL features an ergonomically designed grip and trigger to provide operating comfort. This tool comes with a two-year warranty.

The Review

While a 3/4" impact wrench isn't a staple tool for every technician, lead technician Eric Moore of DeMary Truck in Columbus, Ohio, found that it was a "great persuader" for stubborn fasteners that he couldn't break loose with a 1/2" impact.

At DeMary Trucks, the tool was used by several technicians mostly for removal and installation of wheel nuts, from compact cars up to Class 6 trucks.

"On a lot of the smaller Class 4 to 6 trucks, our techs could use it to break lug nuts loose without having to get the 1” impact that is shared throughout the shop," Moore says. "Since quite a few of our techs have their own 3/4” sockets, this did save them time [because they didn't have] to hunt down the bigger tool and related size sockets."

While most of the AIRCAT's features come standard on most impacts, Moore says the 1,600 lb-ft of breakaway torque it produces was the "impressive" and standout feature.

"From what we saw it wasn’t short on power at all," Moore says. "We have used all sorts of impact wrenches. This one has plenty of guts to back up its claims."

Moore installed a fitting that matched their line setup and oiled the tool prior to use.

"The AIRCAT 3/4” Super Duty Impact Wrench is very simple to use, almost point and shoot," Moore explains. "Select the direction needed, the correct socket and setting, then pull the trigger."

One technician at DeMary Truck made use of the impact while working on the timing belt of a Honda Accord.

"Any tech that has ever done one of those can tell you those crank bolts are pretty stubborn," Moore says.

We did find that the AIRCAT 3/4” Super Duty Impact Wrench 1770-XL did struggle with some Budd style nuts on the rear axles, but overall it was quite capable.

"Each time it was used it performed well, with a couple exceptions when it just wouldn’t quite break loose some seized Budd style nuts," he says.

Overall, Moore was impressed with the power behind the impact, and the technicians at DeMary Trucks gave "great feedback" for the tool to get high marks. 

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