Top 10 Tools: Timothy Kozerski, Sorens Ford

March 14, 2018
This Brookfield, Wisconsin-based tech shares his top tools.

Technician: Timothy Kozerski

Shop: Soerens Ford

Location: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Timothy Kozerski is a Ford Senior Master Certified technician with 16 years of industry experience, and shop foreman at Sorens Ford in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

 “I enjoy experiencing the progression of automotive technology first-hand – I call it ‘front-line engineering,’ Kozerski says. “We get to troubleshoot new designs before engineers even catch wind of a problem.”

 He adds that his favorite part of the job is the satisfaction he gets when he is able to solve a problem vehicle that others have struggled with. “It’s a rare sense of relief and accomplishment,” he says.

1. Matco Tools Cyclone Blow Gun, No. BG4

This blow gun offers an ergonomically designed gun body that provides maximum comfort and control for reduced operator fatigue. “It’s great for cleaning debris from engine bays,” Kozerski says.

2. Snap-on 3/8” Drive Dual 80 Technology Flex-Head Ratchet, No. FHF80

“[This tool is] built like a tank and offers the extra leverage needed to get thread lock bolts. It’s a great tool for rear brake caliper brackets,” Kozerski says.

3. Longacre Racing Deluxe 2-1/2” GID Quick Fill Tire Gauge

This tire gauge features a tire bleed button to release excess air pressure and has an internal check valve that allows use as a standalone tire pressure gauge without an air hose. Kozerski says that he swaps out the included hose for a better design, but finds the gauge to be smooth and reliable.

4. Mac Tools 58” ¾” Curved Capped Pry Bar, No. PB58CR

The PB58CR features a capped end that allows users to strike the pry bar with a hammer without damaging the handle. Kozaerski says he has nicknamed his pry bar ‘Excalibur’ for its strength and durability. “Sometimes you need a big [pry bar] to get the job done,” he says.

5. Matco Tools 58 Oz Dead Blow Hammer, No. CDBH58

This hammer features a shot-filled head designed to reduce bounce back and increase striking force. Kozwalski uses this tool to knock wheels free from corroded hubs. “It’s the most borrowed tool in the shop,” he says.

6. Adenna Catch Orange Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

These gloves feature a heavy textured surface for improved grip. The extra thickness helps make the gloves more durable while working on rough jobs, and also helps ensure hands stay safe and protected. Kozwalski says he’s tried a lot of gloves, but appreciates the price and durability of the Adenna gloves.

7. Mac Tools Flex-Head Air Cut-Off Tool, No. AT35A

“Mac patented this 22-1/2 degree tilting head. If you work in the rust belt, this is a must-have tool,” Kozwalski says. This tool features an ergonomic designed cushion-grip handle, rear exhaust, safety throttle lever and built-in power regulator.

8. Lisle Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench Set, No. 43300

“I have had to hold the fan clutch bolts with one tool while struggling to turn the clutch nut with the other hand. This set makes the job so much easier and faster,” Kozwalski says.

9. Matco Tools Master Fuel Pressure Test Set, No. FPT5000

This set is designed to quickly and easily diagnose fuel-related issues on most major gasoline platforms, including domestic and foreign vehicles. Kozwalski notes that this is a great set to have for all models, and is helpful when you have a low fuel pressure concern.

10. Superfeet Green Insoles

“Your body is your most important tool. If you don’t care of yourself now, you won’t last,” Kozwalski says. “These are the best insoles I’ve ever used. They really work in reducing foot fatigue and back problems.” *Superfeet does not market specifically to the automotive industry.

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Stefanie Von Rueden is assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

Von Rueden’s background includes professional writing and publishing. Previously, she worked in the Continuing Education department at UW-Whitewater. She has covered the vehicle maintenance and automotive aftermarket since 2016.

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