Big-Time Boxes: Alex Gutierrez, Snap-on Tools

June 16, 2017
A family service shop loyal to Snap-on features a 124" setup

Owner: Alex Gutierrez

Shop: Sylvers Automotive

Location: El Paso, Texas

For Alex Gutierrez, co-owner of Sylvers Automotive, it all starts with family. Every day he works out of his 124" Snap-on tool box setup next to his father and shop co-owner, Sylvers Gutierrez, and occasionally his 5-year-old nephew, Christian Gutierrez.

The Gutierrez family is loyal to Snap-on tools, equipment and storage. Even Christian "works" out of a Snap-on branded play workstation, complete with plastic Snap-on tool set, while he's in the shop.

But by far the most notable tool setup in this family operation, is Alex Gutierrez's bright yellow, 8' tall and more than 10' wide Snap-on setup. It includes a matching hutch, two side lockers, top cabinet and tool cart all purchased from Mike Berry, Sylvers Automotive’s long-time Snap-on sales representative.

The 18 drawers in the main box, a Snap-on Classic Series, are organized by tool type, while the lockers hold specialty tools and bulker items that come in their own blow-molded tool cases.

“If I couldn’t see I could still reach my hand in and know exactly where everything’s at,” Alex Gutierrez says of his 25” deep drawers.

For further efficiency, Alex added a power cord to one of the lockers capable of charging six batteries at a time. This helps save time, and ensure that there is always an extra battery available for some of his most used cordless tools.

The bold yellow color choice was no-brainer for Alex Gutierrez when he first purchased the main box in 2009, as this hue of yellow has become a kind of trend in his life. Alex’s first car was a yellow Acura, a rare edition for that model, and now, he has a Ford F-Series of the same color.

In the hutch on top of the main box, Alex Gutierrez further accents the box with vintage toy model vehicles and a Snap-on branded light-up clock. Over the box is an advertising banner featuring his same Ford.

Alex Gutierrez also works out of a matching Snap-on tool cart, which was an upgrade from a smaller cart he is currently transitioning out of.

At the end of the day, beyond the lavish tool setup, Sylvers Automotive in El Paso, Texas, is a family-focused operation. Alex learned the trade from his father, and now they're passing on the trade to Christian, who's already "one of the guys" while in the shop.

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