Big-Time Boxes: Scott Bradshaw

May 3, 2013
A shop with both a small time and big time box.


Scott Bradshaw
CV Autoworks
Thousand Palms, CA


Scott Bradshaw of CV Autoworks followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a technician. His father, a tech for a local police department, was so appreciated that he was given a set of golden tools after 20 years on the job.

Suffice it to say that Bradshaw looked up to his father and made his first purchase on a Snap-on truck in order to buy him a Christmas gift. This gift and the gold tools items now reside in his front office in a Snap-on mini toolbox. The "small time box" was sent to Bradshaw as a gift. "The tiny toolbox is fully functional," Bradshaw boasts. "This was my son's. He had to have the same tool box that his dad had, but in miniature."

Ironically, Bradshaw is no different than his son. His massive white Matco toolbox would not fit in most auto repair shops, being that it is a dirty business. However, Bradshaw's father had a 1947, white Snap-on box and he wanted one just like his dad.

Kyle Rounds, Bradshaw's Matco salesman, offered him the opportunity for just that when his former toolbox fell apart, because it was overfilled with tools. The company stood by their lifetime warranty and bought it back at full price when they could not fix it. Bradshaw bought his brand new Matco box with the money. The new box is worth $20,000 and may need a tow truck to move it, but it was custom built and colored to be just like his father's.

Even though the box is white, it is in immaculate condition. When asked how that is even possible, Bradshaw replied, "My helper, my right hand man, I couldn't do this without him. He just takes care of it."

Perhaps the Bizarro World version of Bradshaw's huge, clean, white toolbox is his messy, small, black tool cart. The tool cart stores "the daily trash," which is an unkind euphemism for the commonly used tools Bradshaw uses. "It looks pretty bad," he admitted. "I try to keep it all organized out here, but I have five different sets of wrenches all over the place."

With five sets of wrenches and three different tool storage systems, Bradshaw's is a shop with everything.

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